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let out (some sound)

To utter some loud, forceful sound. I let out a shriek when the dog suddenly jumped on me. The lion let out an intimidating roar.
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growl at someone or something

to snarl at someone or something. Don't growl at me like that. The dog growled at the cat.
See also: growl

growl something out

to say something with a sound like growling or snarling. Jane growled a few words out. She growled out a few words and the gates opened for us.
See also: growl, out
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Ana, Christian Escalambre, Regie Boy Basibas and Cameroon big man Steve Akomo are expected to make notable improvements, giving the Growling Tigers enough tools to contend for a Final Four slot.
Modern trainers know that dogs growl for a variety of reasons, and that all growling communicates important information to an educated dog owner.
That animal is still growling and will be dangerous.
Heading the SKM team is Aquatic Ecologist Dr Joshua Hale, a specialist in his profession, boasting a PhD on the Growling Grass Frog.
Start rewarding him for not growling when he eats or drinks, first by not being close so you are not interfering, and at his call rather than yours.
She has a very stylistic growling sound to her singing which is possible to maintain - but not if she doesn't do it properly.
A The growling is a sign of fear, so work with a behaviourist to calm her in frightening situations, such as children screaming.
It was growling and leaving dooks by my door," Skategoat said.
Suddenly, Emily and Ben heard a growling noise, and their tent be + gan 2 shake.
Allen - who plays a doggone convincing scratching, sniffing, growling, shaking and tongue-licking human Shaggy - uses Scrabble tiles to communicate in the film.
She knew empty fridges and the attendant growling stomach, thrift store clothes, drunken furies, dreams of quick riches, a house falling apart, the contempt of others, the value of schools and libraries, and the need to be resourceful beyond her years.
On January 29, 2003, 13-year-old Kerilyn Belle Crawford of Navasota, Texas, was visiting a neighbor's home when she heard a dog growling and a child screaming.
Growling is good--it means everything is working properly.
A speech therapist broke down in court yesterday as she described being savaged by a growling Jack Russell while pregnant.