grow into

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grow into (something)

1. To develop or mature into something over time. Yes, he's a troublemaker now, but he's just a kid—I'm sure he'll grow into a fine young man. It'll take time for this bulb to grow into a tulip, honey.
2. To develop a particular aptitude or skill set over time, as to fulfill or excel in a particular role. I think she'll grow into a great camp counselor by the end of the summer.
3. To grow and become able to fit into a particular size or item. It'll take some time before you grow into your big sister's clothes.
4. To worsen or intensify. You should really go to the doctor—a sinus infection can grow into something much worse.
5. To move into or pervade something in the act of growing. This plant seems to have grown into our gutter.
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grow into something

1. Lit. [for a child] to develop into a particular type of person. The child grew into a tall, powerful athlete. I hope I have grown into a person my parents can be proud of.
2. Lit. [for a plant] to develop into a mature specimen of its species. This twig will grow into an oak tree. I hope this seedling grows into a fine mango tree.
3. Lit. [for a plant, tumor, toenail] to penetrate into something as it grows. The roots of the tree grew into our sewer line. Try to keep the tree roots from growing into the foundation.
4. Lit. to grow enough to fit into something. The shirt is a little large, but Timmy will grow into it. My shoes are too big, but I will grow into them.
5. Fig. [for a situation or a problem] to develop into something more serious. I hope this matter doesn't grow into something worse. This business is growing into a real crisis.
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grow into

1. Develop so as to become, as in The army makes a boy grow into a man. [Mid-1500s]
2. Develop or change so as to fit, as in He'll soon grow into the next shoe size, or She has grown into her job. [Early 1800s]
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grow into

1. To develop so as to become something: A child grows into an adult. An acorn grows into an oak.
2. To develop or change so as to fit something: She grew into her job. He grew into the relationship slowly.
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