grow away from

grow away from someone

[for someone] to become less intimate with someone; [for someone] to become independent of someone gradually. She has grown away from her husband over the years. We expect our children to grow away from us.
See also: away, grow

grow away from something

[for something] to move away from something as it grows. The tree grew away from the house—thank heavens. See if you can train the vine to grow away from the fence.
See also: away, grow
References in classic literature ?
Alexandrus husband of lovely Helen had hit it with an arrow just on the top of its head where the mane begins to grow away from the skull, a very deadly place.
The regions have to be able to build up their infrastructure and train their workforces in order to encourage economies to grow away from London.
But they don't stand up well to a vigorous clean, so choose ones that grow away from main roads and above knee height.
While talking to the Elle US magazine, the 23-year-old star said that there are actresses who have emerged in the last couple of years, and got to emerge as a complete human being, and she feels so jealous that they got to grow away from the spotlight.
But as we grow up, many of us grow away from participating in music.
On the other hand and in order to bypass the sanctions we can try to focus on the medium-size industries and make it possible for the sectors that have not yet received due attention a chance to grow away from the sensitivities surrounding the number and figures of foreign investment .
Although communication tools keep increasing more and more and communication has become easier and faster, ironically, people get lonelier and grow away from normality.
We want to provide more points of sales and better service levels to our customers as we continue to grow away from our core California market.
Cut approximately a third of the branch and cut back to just above an outward facing bud, this bud will produce a side shoot in the spring which will grow away from the centre of the tree.
Because however far our little boys might grow away from us in life they never, ever leave our hearts.
Also, quirky narrative offshoots spontaneously grow away from the movie's main stem of straight chronology.
Our field can and should grow away from his particular views, as it should from the views of any senior scholar who has taught his juniors well.
Once established, these plants produce long rhizomes under the soil, which grow away from the main plant.