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grouse about someone or something

to complain about someone or something. What are you grousing about now? I am grousing about your carelessness!
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grouse at

someone or an animal Fig. to criticize someone or an animal directly to the person or animal. Stop grousing at me! Sharon is grousing at the cat again.
See also: grouse


1. in. to complain. Paul is always grousing about something.
2. n. a woman; women considered sexually. Who’s the grouse I saw you with last night?
3. in. to neck; to pet and kiss. They were grousing in the backseat the whole trip.
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But when I think of the fellows who've attained somewhat legendary status as grouse hunters in my neck of the woods--past and present--they're setter guys.
Tea-based cocktails are a popular trend in the mixology world right now, and this special relationship capitalizes on that by providing consumers with two flavorful bespoke tea blends that mix perfectly with The Famous Grouse and The Black Grouse whiskies," said Jim Brennan, SVP Marketing of Edrington Americas, the makers of The Famous Grouse.
Sage grouse numbers have been falling for decades, long before other factors such as oil and gas development, power lines, wind farms, subdivisions and so forth were an issue across much of the bird's habitat.
The sheep station he oversees--which comprises more than 50,000 acres in southeastern Idaho and southwestern Montana--has been tracking sage grouse populations for four decades.
5m [pounds sterling] campaign comprises three executions starring the grouse icon, one of which is a dedicated creative for The Famous Grouse to-year-old Malt.
Grouse aren't bred in pens, pheasants are bred in pens.
Ruffed grouse occupy the earliest stages of forest succession (i.
We'll take you to and from the course by taxi and you'll also be invited into The Famous Grouse 19th Hole hospitality marquee where you can rub shoulders with snooker legend and BBC Question of Sport captain John Parrott and former British Lions and Scotland rugby captain Gavin Hastings.
Settlement of the West exacted a heavy toll on sagebrush habitat, and in turn, sage grouse populations that declined in the face of human development.
Some environmental groups would like to use the sage grouse as the spotted owl of the sage brush, as a means of gaining land management control,'' said Clait Braun, owner of an environmental consulting firm called Grouse Inc.
Clait Braun of the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW) noticed that sage grouse (Centrocercus sp.
A DISTILLERY chef stunned workers by offering something a little different for breakfast - the first grouse shot on Scotland's Glorious Twelfth.
DAVID GROUSE, sales and marketing manager at York for the past four years, has left the racecourse to take up a post with Victor Chandler International in Gibraltar.
We will compare greater sage-grouse using habitats near wind turbines to grouse using habitats away from wind turbines to assess population-level effects of the wind energy development.