group together

group (someone or something) together

To put or gather people or things together. Hey, can you group the kids together by the flowers? I'll group everyone together so we can sing "Happy Birthday" to Grandma.
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group someone or something together

to gather people or things together. Try to group all the smokers together at one table. Steve grouped all the dictionaries together.
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Adam Lallana "Then we will have a real group together and the work starts again with them and hopefully we can build on the base we've done in the first three weeks with the other players."
Mr Jones said: "The conditions were truly atrocious but Nyree and Kirsty led a great team and it was clear that their sense of humour held the group together."
from Yoram Muszkat & Law Firm group together with BARLEV Investigate Auditing and Y.Melman Engineering services Ltd.
Unfortunately, there have been years when we only had two or three arrows that would actually group together. One of us even went so far as to name his backup arrows by the personality they had--names like "Low Right" or "Lefty."
Fiat Canoski presented option to form a special MP group together with his MPs hat will act as an opposition, denying speculations that he would cross over to VMRO-DPMNE.
Campmates have talked off-camera about him being the glue that holds the group together - possibly the same that holds his hair together - and of his talent for oneliners, but we've seen little of that.
"The most important part of this is to bring the group together," says Lake.
In addition these sources said Ferrovial would group together all of BAA's regulated business in one unit, while leaving its commercial activities in another.
It's important to try to group together to compete with bigger companies web traffic, because being easy and accessible can only benefit us.
Quinn said: "We need to group together and we hope to announce something positive in the morning.
Allowing up to 15 simultaneous groups to operate on 15 user group channels and a separate "All Call" channel, the user-friendly PortaCom Pro can bring any size group together for priority calls.
The folktales are organized into 4 cds, which group together stories pertaining to animal tales; tales of the real, extravagant, and fanciful; tales of the supernatural; and slave tales of freedom.
Players were awarded points according to their achievements in the events and the top five from each age group together with an LTA wild card go through to the finals, at La Manga in Spain.
Any time you get a group together to negotiate--especially one this large--there will be occasional frustrations, but it was exhilarating, too, and fruitful.