group together

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group (someone or something) together

To put or gather people or things together. Hey, can you group the kids together by the flowers? I'll group everyone together so we can sing "Happy Birthday" to Grandma.
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group someone or something together

to gather people or things together. Try to group all the smokers together at one table. Steve grouped all the dictionaries together.
See also: group, together
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To get all the arrows to group together, some of the arrows needed to have different broadhead orientations than others, with no real pattern in relation to the fletching.
For instance, an engineering company may group together all the CAD/CAM files not accessed within the last 180 days which are located in several project folders.
It is the belief that they have ideas and tools to make things happen that is going to keep this group together and growing.
But instead of pumping out light, the decay of these neutrinos would produce a cascade of low-energy particles that would group together as cold dark matter; the same decay process would also produce hot dark matter.
Patrick Colwell, senior director of Cushman & Wakefield's Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group together with Andrew Merin Executive Vice President and head of the Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group represented the seller, Metropolitan Life, and procured the purchaser.