group around

group (someone or something) around (someone or something)

To cause or have people form a group around someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "group" and "around." Hey, can you group the kids around the flowers? I'll group everyone around Grandma so we can sing "Happy Birthday" to her.
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group someone or something around someone or something

to gather people or things around people or things. The photographer grouped the wedding party around the bride for the picture. The photographer then grouped them around the cake.
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References in classic literature ?
Miss Leeson sat on the middle step and the men would quickly group around her.
After a while the group around us gradually dispersed, and we were left about midnight (as we conjectured) with those who appeared to be permanent residents of the house.
All the morning the tubes remained directed toward the mountain heights, each with its anxious group around it; but the white deserts were vacant.
As I had hoped and anticipated, after a while Lady Clarinda (missing me from the group around the piano) came in search of me.
The instant that Mohegan observed himself to be noticed by the group around the young stranger, he dropped the blanket which covered the upper part of his frame, from his shoulders, suffering it to fall over his leggins of untanned deer-skin, where it was retained by a belt of bark that confined it to his waist.
To complete the picture of the internal habits and ways of this house, it is necessary to group around Mademoiselle Cormon and the Abbe de Sponde Jacquelin, Josette, and Mariette, the cook, who employed themselves in providing for the comfort of uncle and niece.
There was laughter in the group around her, and Lebedeff stood before her gesticulating wildly.
And there, as they slowly paced the gradual ascent, heedless of every group around them, seeing neither sauntering politicians, bustling housekeepers, flirting girls, nor nursery-maids and children, they could indulge in those retrospections and acknowledgements, and especially in those explanations of what had directly preceded the present moment, which were so poignant and so ceaseless in interest.
"What's that?" said the old gentleman, observing some of the company formed in a group around a large handbill.
The future seems so bleak we have little to lose in welcoming the progressive new Independent Group around Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna.
UK-based private equity investor HgCapital Trust plc's (LON: HGT) manager, HgCapital, has agreed the sale of European sub-metering solutions provider Qundis to a German investment group around climate-intelligent solutions firm Kalorimeta for a total enterprise value of around EUR 400m (USD 435.90m), the group said.
EMBATTLED engine maker Rolls-Royce has confirmed plans to axe its two divisions and shake-up management in the latest move to turn the group around after five profit warnings.
Therefore, the head of the country does not need such a loud and open support from the intellectual-entertainer group around the Government as much but he needs the party's nucleus to have understanding for his practicing of the function.
This milestone makes Mugenkyo the longest touring and most successful taiko group around.