grounds for

grounds for (something)

The basis for some action or decision, often one that is disciplinary or legal in nature. Be careful now—plagiarism is grounds for expulsion.
See also: ground

*grounds for something

the basis or cause for legal action such as a lawsuit. (*Typically: be ~ become ∼.) Your negligence is grounds for a lawsuit. Is infidelity grounds for divorce in this state?
See also: ground
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Choosing a favorite tree is tough when you're surrounded by so many beautiful specimens, says Gail Griffin, superintendent of gardens and grounds for Dumbarton Oaks.
Two of the most common grounds for annulment--"lack of due discretion of judgment" and "incapacity to assume the obligations of marriage"--are known as psychological grounds because they explicitly deal with a person's psychological state.
What, then, is the picture for a successful marriage that the grounds for annulment paint for us?
The following is a partial summary of what canon law sets forth as grounds for the annulment of marriage:
Refunds of all possible overpayments should be demanded and all possible grounds for recovery should be stated in the refund claim; even weak grounds should be included.