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As it is stated in [4], in the frequencies which satisfy the inequality l > [lambda]/8 ([lambda]--the length of the wave), the resistance between two grounding points may become significant ant the implementation of the equipotential points becomes complicated.
Moment Method, which is sometimes called the Boundary Element Method, dominates in the numerical analysis of a grounding system.
Existing standards specify properties of grounding mostly at DC and 50/60 Hz.
For greater accuracy in discovering the root cause of industrial grounding problems and for safer, improved plant production, Smart Ground Testing combines several testing functions not available in previous FOP and clamp-on methods.
This is why you should never ground the shield at both ends: if there is a voltage difference between the ground at one end of the wire and the other, you have set up a path for current to flow through your shield, or a "ground loop", which can cause as much trouble as not grounding your shield properly.
Open grounds frequently occur in electrical systems where the wiring is run in steel conduit or armored cable, since the steel itself can be part of the grounding path.
However, these fields drop rapidly with distance -- far more so than they do from grounding systems (see sidebar, p.125).
But that still left a problem regarding the fill material, Unger felt, because ground water can wash coke powder away, and grounding should be permanent.
Grounded outlets have three holes to match three blades of the plug; two holes are slots to receive the flat blades, and the third is round to conform to the grounding prong of the plug.
For more information, gel CECOM Pamphlet TR 98-6, Earth Grounding and Bonding.
In the early days of the telephone and telegraph, grounding was a simple issue.
The Sentinel's grounding rod should be buried at least 9 feet deep.
The grounding wire from the box must be connected to the generator's ground terminal for the GFCI/CB to function properly.
The Sentinel radar system puts out huge amounts of voltage, which makes proper grounding critical ...
It is true that the shield braid on the RF cable has some continuity and offers some DC grounding. But the cable offers a poor RF ground.