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field a grounder

In baseball, to use one's glove to stop a ball that has been hit on the ground. We'll start practice today by fielding a couple grounders.
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field grounders

tv. to look downward for cigarette or cigar butts. Stink in school unless you want to end up flipping burgers and fielding grounders.
See also: field, grounder
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Diaz misplayed the grounder and if we could have gotten at least one out, the situations changes completely.
Diaz fielded a grounder by Norberto Obeso, but a wild throw to second put two runners on base.
In the second half Al Diyafah were able to score through a Josanto grounder, courtesy of a well-connected cross from Ali Shehabi.
3rd Baseman gets down on both knees, which forces him to get his hands out in front of his body, and fields grounders hit by the infield coach.