grind down

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grind down

1. To reduce something or cause it to become more even by grinding. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." The landscaper ground the tree stump down. Can you please grind down this uneven spot in the floor?
2. To start moving more slowly, as of a machine. Don't touch the machine until it grinds down to a stop.
3. To cause someone to become weary or disillusioned, as by frequently pestering them. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." You're going to grind your employees down if you question every little thing they do.
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grind someone down

Fig. to wear someone down by constant requests; to wear someone down by constant nagging. If you think you can grind me down by bothering me all the time, you are wrong. The constant nagging ground down the employees at last.
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grind something down

to make something smooth or even by grinding. Grind this down to make it smooth. Please grind down this rough spot.
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grind down

1. To cause wear on something by rubbing against it, reducing its size: The jeweler ground the opals down into beautiful egg-shaped pieces. The miller ground down the wheat for the farmers.
2. To slow down, as if through a grinding action: The machine eventually ground down to a halt.
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Last year people spoke about it for most of the season and all that talk ground them down.
He said: "I just felt we ground them down and that's a terrific quality to have in League Two.
Yes, the first half wasn't great, but we ground them down.
They overcame Wasps 11-10 with a stifling performance, and ran Leicester close at home before the Tigers ground them down.
They were handed over to companies who ground them down to make growth hormones.
They ground them down and that has made all the difference."
The Bees were blown away at blustery Kingston Park as Newcastle ground them down and knocked them out with five tries in the last 13 minutes.
CHARLTON'S hopes of Premiership survival were dented as Middlesbrough ground them down with a gutsy display.
King Okee set a strong gallop, with Emmas Mark in chase for much of the way, but Air Force Honcho ground them down and, staying on strongly, the son of Honcho Classic got up in the final stride to beat King Okee by the minimum margin in 41.98sec.