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grope in the dark

1. Literally, to feel about without the use of one's eyes, as due to blindness or an absence of light. I was groping in the dark down in this basement for ten minutes before I could find a light switch.
2. To seek (something) in a blind, aimless, or uncertain manner, especially to find a solution, meaning, or sense of purpose. We've been groping in the dark for a way to pay our mortgage, but I just don't see how we'll be able to afford it. Pretty much everyone gropes in the dark at some point or another, trying to figure out the meaning of life.
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grope (about) (for someone or something)

 and grope (around) (for someone or something)
to feel around blindly for someone or something. In the darkness, he groped about for his glasses. Fran groped for the light switch and found it.

grope after someone or something

to reach for a departing or fleeing person or thing awkwardly or ineffectually. The feeble hand groped after the departing form. I groped after the cat as it ran under the bed.
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grope (around)

(for someone or something) Go to grope (about) (for someone or something).

grope at someone or something

to reach for someone or something blindly. She groped feebly at the form she could hardly see. Sharon groped at Frank as he ran out to get the doctor.
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n. a real or imagined group of people engaged in sexual activities. That party turned into a hopeless group-grope.
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Vital demographic statistics and management of the baldchin groper (Choerodon rubescens) from the Houtman Abrolhos Islands.
The diversity is extraordinary, ranging from small and delicate leafy sea-dragons hovering in near-perfect camouflage against algae and seagrass, to huge blue gropers of a size not seen elsewhere.
We believe the Oacis solution provides significant benefits to health care organizations," said Mark Groper.
Arterton, 27, used the skills she learnt on new action film Hansel and Gretel - inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tale - to whack her groper.
Our Oacis solution already has a strong presence in South Australia, which boasts one of the largest and most successful deployments of a fully interoperable computerized patient record system state-wide," said Mark Groper, DINMAR's CEO.
But speaking in California last night he was surrounded on stage by female supporters, in an effort to scotch the persistent media allegations that he is a serial groper.
He went on, 'Mr Burton is a touchy- feely groper who has never done anything else other than just touch, but not in the most private parts.
Aussie singer Dannii, 27, was relaxing at the bar after a gig in Belfast when the groper struck.
Various protocols for IP Packet Internet Groper (PING) will be supported to enable verification of connectivity to the far end of the network.
A DRUNKEN groper whose policewoman victim had wept in court as she relived her ordeal escaped jail last night.
Dishy Dannii, a shapely 34D-24-34, was at the bar of the Stena Line HSS Enterprise in the early hours of the morning when the groper struck.
It's amazing what some people will let you do to them when they have three half-naked, uninhibited Groper Girls crawling on them," says Thomas Ashley, president of Studio B Entertainment and the brains behind Mr.
Denise recently got new Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger into a spot of hot water when tapes of a Big Breakfast interview surfaced: "I said to him, 'I hear you're a bit of a groper.
While Oacis | ehr interoperates with any system, we are particularly excited about this venture with AdapCS because wait times place an enormous collective strain on the cost and quality of care in Canada," said DINMAR's CEO Mark Groper.