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groom someone as something

to prepare someone for a job or position. He was grooming his son as his successor. They groomed Charles as the next treasurer.
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groom someone for something

to prepare someone for something; to prepare someone to be someone. The boss is grooming his son for the presidency of the company. They are grooming the vice president for the top position.
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RABBITS Dr Lauren Davies, a vet at Vets4Pets, advised slowly building up grooming time as rabbits are wary.
The goal of American Grooming Academy is to provide the best training available for those seeking a career in the professional pet grooming industry.
confirms that the grooming category -- which includes shampoo, clippers and other items the company carries -- is on the rise.
In the US, "to please my spouse or partner" and "to express individuality" were tied as the second most cited reason for grooming, scoring 35% each.
Competitive grooming involves a timed contest in which clean dogs and are groomed within a specified time.
Carpet grooming is a simple process that should be a key part of any facility's carpet care program.
More than half of men make grooming purchasing decisions for themselves, the company's research shows, and 39% of men are the primary shopper in their household.
1 -- 2 -- color) Owner Vic Sosikian shows off the vintage barber chair at Mark Matthew Fine Gentlemen's Grooming Club, an upscale salon in Studio City.
It works independently from the pan (flat piece at end), which means the person grooming the trails can adjust the drag and its knives to the conditions of the snow and temperature, which constantly change.
Alison Rogers, 31, who runs Pretty Paws grooming salon in Thongsbridge, competed in the recent Eurogroom competition in Bracknell, Berkshire.
Gradually lengthen the grooming time, giving him a treat if he is well behaved.
The excessive grooming behavior of Hoxb8 mutants is not unlike that of humans with trichotillomania, the researchers noted, citing evidence of Hoxb8 expression in brain regions known as the "OCD circuit.
Differences between behaviors include the lack of social grooming and reduced time spent at play.
The centre is building a grooming training school where people can have their dogs bathed and groomed or enrol on a course to gain grooming qualifications.