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groom someone as something

to prepare someone for a job or position. He was grooming his son as his successor. They groomed Charles as the next treasurer.
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groom someone for something

to prepare someone for something; to prepare someone to be someone. The boss is grooming his son for the presidency of the company. They are grooming the vice president for the top position.
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Along with Groomer of the Year, the Special Industry Awards also include Shelter of the Year and Trainer of the Year.
With experience and qualifications, you could become self-employed and work from home or become a mobile groomer, visiting owners' ' homes.
TRAINING Dog groomers need practical training either by working alongside an experienced dog groomer or training at a private dog grooming training centre.
The fluctuating jail population is a challenge for Icenogle, who never knows how many groomers she will have to serve the clients that come in.
As the capacity and popularity of the groomers developed, Keweenaw Research Center, a division of Michigan Tech University that specializes in snow research, recognized the Ebert's Sur-TracTM groomer as a perfect fit for a government project in Antarctica.
Chief executive Giles Clarke says: "We desperately need dog groomers all over the country - and we need lots of them.
During testing and development, Trendium's first tier DSL operators noted very positive feedback, which validated two of the aforementioned modules: Full Speed Manager and Network Groomer.
2 Acquisition of the former groomer winch Sainte Anne.
Cash awards for the first five-place Rodeo is matched by the World Pet Association (WPA), producer of the Groomer SuperShow, and donated to the winning dogs' rescue organization.
Careers in dog grooming If you love dogs and are good at handling them, a career as a dog groomer may appeal.
Beginning Saturday, May 16, South Central Groomer Heads Into the Hills To Preen and Pamper Animals to the Stars -
Chelsea Thompson, of Flockton, won the Kennel Club Young Dog Groomer of the Year award in the Up to 12 years old category at Crufts.
Ebert Welding, a dealer in farm equipment and manufacturer of snow trail groomers, is currently working with Keweenaw Snow Research Centre, part of Michigan Tech University in the development of a trail groomer for a variety of uses.
NUNEATON dog groomer Peter Ensell is among the best in the country for transforming the messiest mutts into pampered pets.
Contract notice: Acquisition groomer for stations greolieres and audibergue.