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groom (someone) as (something)

To prepare or ready someone for a particular role or job. I heard that they're grooming Cara as the next CEO—is that true?
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groom (someone) for (something)

To prepare or ready someone for a particular role or job. I heard that they're grooming Cara for the CEO position—is that true?
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groom someone as something

to prepare someone for a job or position. He was grooming his son as his successor. They groomed Charles as the next treasurer.
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groom someone for something

to prepare someone for something; to prepare someone to be someone. The boss is grooming his son for the presidency of the company. They are grooming the vice president for the top position.
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PetSmart learned about the video Thursday night itself and immediately fired the groomer.
She is a Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America, the International Professional Groomers Incorporated and the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists.
DOG groomers maintain the condition of dogs' coats through regular grooming.
What she swears by is the calming effect the dogs seem to have on their groomers, a ``softening'' she sees every day.
When the lead scientist at the centre encountered Ebert Welding's Sur-TracTM groomer at a local club, he approached the company in 2001 to create a machine that would help the movement of vehicles across the barren extreme winter conditions of Antarctica.
Chief executive Giles Clarke says: "We desperately need dog groomers all over the country - and we need lots of them.
2 Acquisition of the former groomer winch Sainte Anne.
Cash awards for the first five-place Rodeo is matched by the World Pet Association (WPA), producer of the Groomer SuperShow, and donated to the winning dogs' rescue organization.
Careers in dog grooming If you love dogs and are good at handling them, a career as a dog groomer may appeal.
And Chelsea, who owns two cocker spaniels and an alsatian, was even offered a job by a dog groomer in Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire.
Ebert Welding, a dealer in farm equipment and manufacturer of snow trail groomers, is currently working with Keweenaw Snow Research Centre, part of Michigan Tech University in the development of a trail groomer for a variety of uses.
Contract notice: Acquisition groomer for stations greolieres and audibergue.
A grooming system based out of Quebec spawned the idea for the groomer and approached Ebert Welding to build it, knowing Ebert Welding was a New Holland dealership.