groom for

groom (someone) for (something)

To prepare or ready someone for a particular role or job. I heard that they're grooming Cara for the CEO position—is that true?
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groom someone for something

to prepare someone for something; to prepare someone to be someone. The boss is grooming his son for the presidency of the company. They are grooming the vice president for the top position.
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JARANWALA -- Police have arrested 19 people including groom for fireworks during wedding ceremony in Jaranwala.
Frances Eilbeck Works as a stud groom for Minster Stud and ran the operation full-time when boss Willie Carson was in the jungle.
Rider/Groom Award Charlotte Cox A groom for Henry Candy, she works best with horses with problems, either mental or physical, despite suffering from scoliosis herself.
Dedication To Racing Award Willie Cowe Continued to work as head groom for James Ewart despite constant chemotherapy and radiotherapy as he battles cancer.