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blow (one's) groceries

slang To vomit. I felt like I was going to blow my groceries from seasickness out on that boat.
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blow (one's) lunch

 and lose one's lunch; blow one's cookies; blow one's groceries
Sl. to vomit. I almost lost my lunch, I ran so hard. I wanted to blow my lunch, that's how rotten I felt. He got carsick and blew his cookies all over the front seat.
See also: blow, lunch

blow lunch

See also: blow, lunch

blow one’s groceries

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. She blew her groceries all over the front seat.
See also: blow, grocery

blow lunch

See also: blow, lunch
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The internet is quickly becoming the virtual grocery store for many U.
This report is the result of Canadean's extensive market research covering the Global Food and Grocery Retailing market.
which has been a strong and vigorous supporter of the Top Women in Grocery event ever since its inception, and whose pioneering commitment to women's issues is highly admirable.
When a grocery store offers double credit, that comes out of its own pocket.
It runs number four in profits among publicly held grocery chains; its total stock market value is now at $6 billion.
The grocery store also advertises on Web sites that expatriates visit, such as Argentine newspaper sites.
Nearly 40 percent of 3,000 surfers had visited an online grocery Web site, and one in five of them purchased grocery items online in a 30-day period.
For most of us, trotting off to the grocery store is an unloved chore done on automatic pilot.
Younger male grocery shoppers, ages 18 to 34, who are single and never married before, are most likely to feel that shopping is a chore.
For information about grocery home delivery, call (661) 296-1685 or send an e-mail to grocery(at)enterprisecourier.
This report is the result of Canadean's extensive market research covering the Food and Grocery Retailing market in the Asia-Pacific.
Triangle Groceries 2 Go specializes in grocery shopping for customers and on-time delivery based on a grocery list that the customer creates.
The second biggest monthly budget item in most homes is the grocery bill.
LONDON -- Marketers in the Brazilian grocery market face changing consumption patterns as a result of demographic changes, uncertain economic conditions and evolving technology.