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blow (one's) groceries

slang To vomit. I felt like I was going to blow my groceries from seasickness out on that boat.
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blow (one's) lunch

 and lose one's lunch; blow one's cookies; blow one's groceries
Sl. to vomit. I almost lost my lunch, I ran so hard. I wanted to blow my lunch, that's how rotten I felt. He got carsick and blew his cookies all over the front seat.
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blow lunch

See also: blow, lunch

blow one’s groceries

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. She blew her groceries all over the front seat.
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blow lunch

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The TABS survey revealed that only one in six consumers purchase online groceries regularly, compared to 99% who shop in brick-and-mortar stores.
Whole Foods groceries can be ordered from Amazon Fresh and Prime Now, which are Amazon's grocery delivery and same-day delivery programs, respectively; and Whole Foods groceries are no longer available through online delivery competitor Instacart.
adults report they never order groceries online and 89% never order meal preparation kits.
"Kung hindi nag-increase iyong prices sa mga grocery supermarkets, then let's just buy sa groceries and supermarkets kasi makakasiguro kayo iyong presyo ng SRP doon, sinusunod, in fact, lower pa than SRP [If there is no increase in grocery, supermarkets [If there is no price increase in groceries and supermarkets, then let's just buy in groceries and supermarkets because you'll be assured the SRP is followed.
Millennial parents spend, on average, $100 more on groceries each month than do Millennial without children.
Just in 2013, the size of the market for groceries was estimated at $42 billion.
Almost six in 10 (57%) non-online shoppers say they do not trust the quality and freshness of the products, a concern echoed by 31% of those who do buy their groceries online.
It will contribute to the development of a single brand identity across all groceries and support the efforts of Dubai Economy to improve the quality of retail services.
As many as half (48%) of Britons are currently online supermarket shoppers, while 11% now buy their groceries without visiting a bricksand-mortar store at all, the study by analysts Mintel found.
ShopRite will integrate its popular online grocery shopping service, ShopRite from Home, with Groceries by MasterCard, an app that comes pre-loaded in the new Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.
Currently, major groceries and hypermarkets are selling groceries online such as Geant and Choithrams, while Lulu will begin selling grocery items online in August.
It is part of the trend of shoppers being prepared to put in more effort when buying their food and groceries to help them get the best quality, at the best value.
At the store, customers scan their card for fuel points and discounts, and every $100 a customer spends on groceries qualifies them for a 10 cents per gallon discount on fuel.