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blow (one's) lunch

 and lose one's lunch; blow one's cookies; blow one's groceries
Sl. to vomit. I almost lost my lunch, I ran so hard. I wanted to blow my lunch, that's how rotten I felt. He got carsick and blew his cookies all over the front seat.
See also: blow, lunch

blow lunch

See also: blow, lunch

blow one’s groceries

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. She blew her groceries all over the front seat.
See also: blow, grocery

blow lunch

See also: blow, lunch
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For nearly 50 clients, the weekly arrival of the groceries is a major lifeline, providing food and hygiene supplies.
She orders groceries online front work and has them delivered to her office once a week.
About half of the nation's supermarkets, groceries with sales of $2 million or more a year, provide bins to collect the 32 billion plastic bags carried out of stores each year, Householder says.
When the husband and father of three heard about Enterprise's expansion into groceries, he decided to give it a try.
These days, it seems with each passing week there's another announcement-or another rumor-about a major company utilizing web-based methods to sell groceries to hungry shoppers.
Wal-Mart shoppers can expect to save an average of 15 percent on groceries, which will eventually add up to more than $524 per household.
com and registering, shoppers can select groceries by pointing and clicking.
NEW YORK, July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report titled "India Online Grocery Market Outlook to 2019 - High Growth Prospects due to Increasing Internet Coverage and Smart Cities' Emergence" provides a comprehensive analysis of various aspects such as market size, segmentation and future projections of the online groceries market of Indonesia.
They're followed by a half-dozen young women, making a quick stop for weekend groceries before dropping their kids off at school and heading off to work themselves.
com/reports/c35352) has announced the addition of How Britain Shops 2005:Food & Groceries to their offering.
para]]No one-stop-shop: more than half (54%) of US online grocery shoppers buying more groceries online, but still rely on multiple stores for entire weekly list[[/para]]
They're not a bunch of empty-headed teen-agers running up and down the aisles with bags of groceries,'' quipped Rick Cole, Azusa's city manager.
FORT WORTH, Texas -- Mrs Baird's, Texas' leading baking company, is buying a family's groceries for a year.
As customers adopt the online channel for groceries, retailers are increasingly investing in capacity and in delivering better service while suppliers are devoting more resources to online.