groan under the weight of (something)

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groan under the weight of (something)

To be in danger of collapsing due to supporting something that is too heavy. Come on, the shelves are practically groaning under the weight of all those book—can't we remove a few of them?
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groan under something

1. Lit. to groan while bearing a heavy burden. He groaned under the weight of the trunk. The rafters groaned under the heavy weight of the pianos.
2. Fig. to suffer under a burden. For years, the people had groaned under the cruel ruler. England groaned under the rule of Cromwell just as he had groaned under King Charles.
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groan under the weight of something

(written) used to say that there is a lot or too much of something: The dining table was groaning under the weight of all the food.
The phrase suggests that something such as a table is making a low noise because there is too much weight on it.
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We think that Christmas means having a dining table that groans under the weight of fruits, wine, juices, and elaborately prepared dishes; christmas trees bedecked with trinkets and glittering ornaments; gifts colorfully wrapped; and houses festooned with lighted lanterns, wreaths, and flashy knickknacks.
It already groans under the weight of too many cars and lorries using it daily.
Hers is a version for daughters of mothers who love the country living style; furniture is painted and stencilled, the dresser groans under the weight of decorated china, and fabrics--from the kitchen sink curtains to clothing, bedding and carpets--burgeon with blooms, blossoms, foliage, lozenges, stripes and meandering lines.
And as a result, while so many couch potatoes grow fatter and more unhealthy, the health service groans under the weight of the problem.
a table groans under the weight of goodies for Home Start children and the cast of Alice in Wonderland.
The Karaoke Industrialist Association occupies a cramped office in downtown Tokyo, where every desk groans under the weight of document stacks detailing such arcana as the preferred musical genre of young women (which runs to Ayumi Hamasaki and Glay, rather than Britney and 'N Sync) and how often the average customer visits a karaoke venue (slightly less than once a month).
Usually if a player's mantelpiece groans under the weight of seven Premier League, one Champions League, three FA Cup and one League Cup winners' medals, that is enough to satisfy even the harshest of critics.
Indeed, so densely layered is the prismatic Ararat that it sometimes groans under the weight of its formal and thematic aspirations.
Women as tall as flamingos stand in G-strings and pixie boots, young men with alabaster chests smoke cigarettes and scowl beneath their Bryan Ferry quiffs, a trestle table groans under the weight of cigarette butts, fresh fruit, black coffee and lollipops and somewhere in the middle a man who looks like Jesus smiles beatifically into his mohair jumper.