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In addition to fallow bucks' groans being honest signals of age and competitiveness or rank, we've shown that a buck's 'vocal identity' changes substantially from one year to the next, while genetic identity of course remains exactly the same," McElligott said.
There appeared to be no respiratory effort during the groans and the noise could not be explained by noises such as wheezing or stridor (i.
Hopefully soon you can be trading groans through the bedroom walls.
If ``Know thy audience'' is indeed one of the sacred commandments of entertainment, then perhaps only the amassed squirms and groans of an appreciatively captive audience can do justice to ``Jackass Number Two.
But the spirit of God is working with us, and even our wordless cries and groans become part of the Spirit's action.
In winter, the museum projects through the snow with its tapering tower acting as a landmark and sign of civilization; it groans with snow stresses.
CLASSMATES sleeping in the same room as Caroline Dickinson on the night she was murdered were wok en by groans and banging sounds, a court heard today.
Plunged into this fire were demons and souls of human form, like transparent burning embers, all blackened or burnished bronze, floating about in this conflagration with shrieks and groans of pain and despair, which horrified us and made us tremble with fear.
Chafing makes babies cry and can reduce a grown man to groans.
As the process continues, her exertion is documented by audible groans, and the action becomes agonizingly slow.
In the pale gray minutes before night became dawn, they whispered about killing him, their words soft and drifting, disappearing into cock crows and the groans of early buses.
Sprinkled with arresting optical effects, Erbach's latest film seeks out a poetics of the appalling in a world submerged in death, waste and sonically polluted by the din of industrial groans and creaking metal.
Noting how the world is groaning while waiting for redemption, Wright shows: God the Father also groans with the creation in its waiting, Christ on the cross experienced the pain of this waiting and we, as people of the cross, must enter into the groaning of the world.
The result was predictable mix of groans ("It's four hours long