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Smedley groaned in exasperation when idealistic socialists alternately preached to the poor or romanticized the uneducated-she knew that knowledge was liberating.
England back-rower James Haskell claimed Wales were taking a huge risk with their "incredible" amount of training and said he "almost groaned" when told how hard Warren Gatland's men are working in the gym.
"His sectional was faster than the open sprint and he wasn't far off the clock, but he's broken a bone in his hock and will be off for 10 weeks," groaned Forster.
Travel-weary Keith groaned: "I love it at Broadwood but it's hard doing all that driving and I want a move closer to home for my family's sake as much as mine."
The bulldozer ticks in the sun, Yellow elephant that leaned against a house, Groaned when the timbers groaned: Two by fours, joists and beams, Cornered joints, floor and paneled walls, Yawning nails that had not held light in forty years.
And during one intense moment, the stunned 2fm presenter watched the girl with her head laid back over the seat and she "groaned" with her arms in the air.
When the lights were turned off, everyone groaned, then cursed, then filed outside.
One pupil of Bell Baxter High School in Cupar, Fife, groaned: "It's like being in the army."
City boss Martin O'Neill groaned: "I did ask for an explanation from the referee.
New Darlo chief Staunton (above) groaned: "It is unacceptable and the lads know that.
Arbroath chairman John Christison groaned: "To replace the stands and enclosures would not be economical and repairs are not an option."
Rogers groaned: "We were a bit unlucky because the game looked it was heading for a draw.
Drinks groaned: "We're working with a squad of 10 to 12 players and it's very tough.
He groaned: "If the worst comes to the worst, we'll put Ian on the bench.