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blow chunks

slang To vomit, especially violently or in great amount. I felt like I was going to blow chunks from seasickness out on that boat.
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blow grits

slang To vomit. I felt like I was going to blow grits from seasickness out on that boat.
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grit (one's) teeth

1. To clench one's teeth, as from anger, pain, or displeasure. The doctor didn't have any anesthetic, so all I could do was grit my teeth while he stitched the wound in my leg. He narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth after overhearing the insults from the man behind him.
2. To become resolved to do or accept something particularly difficult or unpleasant. If you hate this class so much, you better grit your teeth and get a passing grade so that you don’t have to take it again next year. The senators put aside their differences, gritted their teeth, and worked together to solve the crisis.
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have gravy on (one's) grits

slang To be wealthy. They must have gravy on their grits if they own a huge house like that. After working so many low-paying jobs, I'm still not used to having gravy on my grits all of a sudden.
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blow ˈchunks

(American English, slang) vomit (= bring food from the stomach back out through the mouth): Harry is green — looks like he’s going to blow chunks.
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blow chunks

and blow chow and blow grits and blow lunch
tv. to vomit. She drank too much and left the room to blow chunks. Oh my God! She’s blowing grits on my sofa!
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blow grits

See also: blow, grits

have gravy on one’s grits

tv. to be rich. He got himself a good job and has gravy on his grits while I’m still eating taters.
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A light-colored, open-pored wood, ash can be sanded to an exceptional finish using grit 150 or 180 as the final sanding grit.
Because this definition includes only lineal descendants, a "prior-law" GRIT can be set up for a niece or nephew with marketable securities or closely held stock.
For the first year's festival, Hunter decided to create what he hoped would be the world's largest display of grits. The behemoth display, which took six hours to build, consisted of more than 6,000 5-pound bags of grits piled to the store's ceiling.
Our contractors vehicles tend only to be used for gritting, so we take a pragmatic approach and if they expect to go back out on a grit run they will retain their load.
I've eaten my share of grits at Denny's, Huddle Houses, and Waffle Houses all over Mississippi, the generous yellowy-white globs held firmly in place by small lakes of melted butter.
I found the address for GRIT today, 30 years later.
In the case of the grantor trust or a GRIT (assuming the grantor dies before the GRIT term expires), the trust will usually have the full two-year time period for transfer.
Newly created GRITs fall into two categories for federal transfer tax purposes:
TESTS will take place on the grit used on Kirklees' roads to see if it can be improved.
The Quaker Oats Company makes three varieties of grits: regular, quick, and instant.
This is the same result as could have been obtained from a transfer of cash to a GRIT under pre-Chapter 14 rules.
The Kirklees Streetscene service clears and grits over 700 miles (60%) of the local road network and if the priority routes are clear, staff then move into clearing and gritting secondary routes.
"The council grits 60% of the road network in Kirklees in response to severe weather warnings.
A TOP councillor has demanded an investigation into Kirklees Council's response to the snow, as grit runs out.