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blow chunks

slang To vomit, especially violently or in great amount. I felt like I was going to blow chunks from seasickness out on that boat.
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blow ˈchunks

(American English, slang) vomit (= bring food from the stomach back out through the mouth): Harry is green — looks like he’s going to blow chunks.
See also: blow, chunk

blow chunks

and blow chow and blow grits and blow lunch
tv. to vomit. She drank too much and left the room to blow chunks. Oh my God! She’s blowing grits on my sofa!
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blow grits

See also: blow, grits

have gravy on one’s grits

tv. to be rich. He got himself a good job and has gravy on his grits while I’m still eating taters.
See also: gravy, grits, have, on
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Bland when served alone, grits take on the flavor of their accompaniments.
For example, if a grade 220 is the final finish needed, then ideally grade 180 will be the last grit used-before 220.
Conventional GRITs with contingent reversions fail the test if the grantor is older than the age indicated at the given terms and discount rates (see exhibit 3 below).
FREEZE HEROES': Clr David Sheard BATTLING ON: Snow plough clearing and gritting at Ainley Top, Huddersfield - Kirklees Council used 11,000 tonnes of grit by the end of December
People can register to win a free Quaker Grits t-shirt and sample flavors of Quaker Instant Grits at the Quaker booth.
MARTIN: Many have been returning grit to wash out their vehicles so it doesn't corrode anything, it's a practical decision to make.
Purists, like my mother was, seem to prefer long-cooking, stone-ground grits and would frown at the sight of quick-cook versions.
Bosacker, you do not get grits ff you so instruct the waitress.
Grits have certainly sustained more than one American family.
Usually, grit 150 is sufficient as a final sanding step on straight grain, If sanding frames or "fancy-faced" veneers, sanding to a finer grit of 180 or 220 may be required to reduce the scratch depth for those areas in which the wood is being sanded across the grain.
For starters, sandpaper is graded by grit numbers that refer to the size and number of abrasive grains per square inch - the higher the number, the finer the grit.
A six-page pamphlet, ``The Official Grits Guide to Atlanta,'' lists 21 local restaurants that serve grits, just in case all those international visitors get hungry for a taste of the South.
On balance, it is probably advisable to complete GRITs now without waiting to see if Congress decides to repeal residence GRITs or reduce the unified credit.
The remainder interest was valued without considering potential appreciation; GRITS presented the opportunity to transfer assets with substantial appreciation potential at a gift value less than their future economic value.
OTCBB: NXTI) an emerging leader in the sportswear products industry today announced that they have renewed their apparel license for Grits Inc.