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Such effects are the director's forte, and he uses image and sound both subtly and grippingly to affect the viewer on a subconscious level, often hinting at more ominous details that others have overlooked to their detriment.
Featuring a grippingly visceral central perf by Jose Coronado as a policeman who makes a big mistake at the outset and spends the remainder of the film paying for it, pic is credible, fast-moving, hard-nosed fare, confirming helmer Enrique Urbizu's reputation as one of Spain's sharper genre helmers.
A politician's speech which gradually morphs from the words of an (almost) reasonable man to a hate-mongering racist is grippingly sinister.
They hoped to teach the teenagers more about this grippingly gruesome field of modern medicine - and maybe even convince some of them to consider a career in pathology.
What is apparent, and grippingly so, is his taut retelling of this oft-told tale, with all the characters brought to freshly compelling life.
While the book is not always grippingly exciting or achingly funny, it tightropes between the two with the help of Lethem's sharp descriptions, intriguing psychology and, of course, warped imagination.
Thoroughly grippingly readable, it suggests that Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code was closer to the truth than maybe he imagined because other bone boxes in the tomb belonged to Jesus' mother Mary and Mary Magdalene who, to be there, must have been his wife.
Grippingly atmospheric history and a marvellous read.
This book grippingly portrays the cost of her obsessions.
Fortunately, there is such a solution, one that is grippingly unoriginal, requires no special knowledge of economics and is easy for any country to implement.
The "high city, low city" of Tokyo with its shysters, loose women, ghost-fearers and cool crooks, playhouses, eel-restaurants, and temples come grippingly alive in surprisingly modern characters and language ("the type of guy who messes around with the boss' daughter .
A superbly crafted and grippingly entertaining collection of stories, "The Singular Adventures Of Mr.
The Kissinger-9/11 story and many other important stories related to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001--and the subsequent official investigations and coverups--are grippingly told in the important video documentary, 9/11 Press for Truth.
The rich melodiousness of the lower parts creates a lovely juxtaposition to what are often quite simple but grippingly beautiful canonic passages in the upper voices.