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While the book is not always grippingly exciting or achingly funny, it tightropes between the two with the help of Lethem's sharp descriptions, intriguing psychology and, of course, warped imagination.
Aldo Di Toro played the title role grippingly, morphing with consummate skill from the over-the-top romanticism of his opening paean to the beauties of nature to the depths of despair that eventually drive him to suicide.
Thoroughly grippingly readable, it suggests that Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code was closer to the truth than maybe he imagined because other bone boxes in the tomb belonged to Jesus' mother Mary and Mary Magdalene who, to be there, must have been his wife.
But Courtney Hunt's immigrant smuggling story is also grippingly suspenseful, wonderfully acted and, though it pushes maternal buttons like they could ever go out of style, manages to do that with a good deal of class.
Grippingly atmospheric history and a marvellous read.
This book grippingly portrays the cost of her obsessions.
Fortunately, there is such a solution, one that is grippingly unoriginal, requires no special knowledge of economics and is easy for any country to implement.
The "high city, low city" of Tokyo with its shysters, loose women, ghost-fearers and cool crooks, playhouses, eel-restaurants, and temples come grippingly alive in surprisingly modern characters and language ("the type of guy who messes around with the boss' daughter .
A superbly crafted and grippingly entertaining collection of stories, "The Singular Adventures Of Mr.
The Kissinger-9/11 story and many other important stories related to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001--and the subsequent official investigations and coverups--are grippingly told in the important video documentary, 9/11 Press for Truth.
The rich melodiousness of the lower parts creates a lovely juxtaposition to what are often quite simple but grippingly beautiful canonic passages in the upper voices.
The photos are of very public people, many of them actors, and grippingly personal to view as they're portraits of their face alone, unsmiling, smack against the picture plane.
Falkner is a grippingly written horror novella depicting the tale of Seth and Anne Landon who become involved with a peculiar and rustic hotel in northern Wisconsin as it becomes the site of terrifying happenings.
The high stakes involved in facing the truth are grippingly realistic--in fact, Franky's older brother is never able to accept his father's guilt and interprets Franky's cooperation with the police as betrayal.
Richard Howarth was a sweet-toned soloist - with sharp attack - in Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, where the effervescence of Spring, the lush bounty of Summer, the huntsmen's horns of Autumn and the chill winds of Winter were grippingly conveyed.