gripe at

gripe at someone

to complain to someone. Stop griping at me! There is no need to gripe at your little brother.
See also: gripe
References in classic literature ?
The mean and low, yet strangely man-like expression of his wilted countenance; the prying and crafty glance, that showed him ready to gripe at every miserable advantage; his enormous tail (too enormous to be decently concealed under his gabardine), and the deviltry of nature which it betokened,--take this monkey just as he was, in short, and you could desire no better image of the Mammon of copper coin, symbolizing the grossest form of the love of money.
He said: "If they want to have a gripe then wait till the end of the season and then they can have a gripe at me - if we don't achieve what we hope to that is.
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