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In a nutshell: Grindingly dreamy portrait of the celebrated photographer isn't nearly as perverse, insightful or alive as its subject demands.
LEFT: the Sahel is a grindingly harsh place to farm--90 per cent of Dogon land is sand and rock.
But it would be wrong to characterise the book as an unremitting, grindingly depressing tale of abuse and beatings.
Reservoir Dogs is an all-male, all-macho, grindingly homoerotic film, deliberately hobbled by Tarantino's refusal to picture the anal intercourse that all its characters yearn for (albeit with a firearm rather than a penis), either as recipients or givers.
We can plough money into international marketing in efforts to win investment for Wales - a task that will only grow in importance as Brexit forces us to look for markets beyond Europe - but there is little chance of a high-tech outfit starting up somewhere with grindingly slow broadband or no mobile access.
That's right, Tom, reporting is the worst, most grindingly difficult, frustrating way to make a living, at least according to careercast.
At times, the first half was grindingly mediocre but James Coughlan eventually provided the spark which ignited game.
But, in truth, Hartley's tale of Victorian class sensibilities and repressed sexuality has not aged well - exquisitely crafted, yes, and crammed to the gunnels with subtle allusions, but saddled with a plot that dictates a grindingly plodding pace before it all ends in melodramatic tears.
Though rarely as grindingly slow as much of Jia's recent work, the film would benefit from trimming by 15-20 minutes, with Zhao's section a prime candidate for excision.
Chico's fatuous belief that he is a pop star of whatever credibility is no more evident in this teeth grindingly awful chico-infused D.
Forget the rest - it just ain't going to happen for New Zealand, Holland, Scotland or Germany, while all the other ten teams will be contributing to the week are some grindingly slow five-and-a-half-hour rounds in tomorrow's fourballs.
which offers a grindingly cynical view of our justice system.
I won't give an inch on freedom of expression, myself; Sandinista censorship that does not relate directly to the war makes me sick, but such queasiness is irrelevant to people who live in a country that is both grindingly poor and menaced on northern and southern borders, east and west coasts, by the boa constrictor at its hungriest.
AFTER 18 years of often grindingly slow progress, the Assembly has come of age - happy birthday.
Getting to the top in showbiz, as in any walk of life, is grindingly hard work as well as fun and fanfare.