grind down

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grind down

1. To reduce something or cause it to become more even by grinding. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." The landscaper ground the tree stump down. Can you please grind down this uneven spot in the floor?
2. To start moving more slowly, as of a machine. Don't touch the machine until it grinds down to a stop.
3. To cause someone to become weary or disillusioned, as by frequently pestering them. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." You're going to grind your employees down if you question every little thing they do.
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grind someone down

Fig. to wear someone down by constant requests; to wear someone down by constant nagging. If you think you can grind me down by bothering me all the time, you are wrong. The constant nagging ground down the employees at last.
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grind something down

to make something smooth or even by grinding. Grind this down to make it smooth. Please grind down this rough spot.
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grind down

1. To cause wear on something by rubbing against it, reducing its size: The jeweler ground the opals down into beautiful egg-shaped pieces. The miller ground down the wheat for the farmers.
2. To slow down, as if through a grinding action: The machine eventually ground down to a halt.
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He has the bare-faced cheek to blame the poor for their poverty while busily grinding down the incomes of those in as well as out of work.
This is the kind of tie that requires them to concentrate on what they do best - grinding down their opponents.
Its centrifugal separation system enables the use of the smallest grinding media from 0.05 to 0.8 mm for grinding down to the nanometer range.
In one instance, a unit felt they could get a better fit by grinding down the C-clip on their Bradley's steering assembly.
In new research, seven out of 10 people in Cardiff admit to feeling stressed by everyday waits like cancelled trains and delayed buses which can have a "grinding down" effect, according to Professor Helen Petrie of City University, London.
than for the administration to approach these negotiations with the attitude that every other business concern is grinding down its workers nowadays, so Yale should join the pack.
Contepomi is more noted for his creativity in the Pumas' back-line but is unrepentant about his side's emphasis on scrummaging and grinding down opponents with their world-renowned pack.