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A sandwich served on a long roll of bread, typically six inches to several feet in length, filled with a variety of ingredients including meat, cheese, and vegetables. Primarily heard in US. This restaurant across the road from our office makes the best grinder in the city. I've gotten to where I go there two or three times a week for lunch. I'm ordering a few four-foot grinders for the party this weekend, so if you have any food allergies, let me know before tomorrow.

organ grinder's monkey

One who acts for or does the bidding of someone much more powerful. Following the announcement, many are accusing the prime minister of being an organ grinder's monkey for the US president. Don't hurl abuse at these companies' PR representatives; they're just the organ grinders' monkeys, after all.
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rice grinder

offensive slang A derogatory term for a typically light and fast car or motorcycle manufactured in an East Asian country, especially Japan. The term is typically considered racist for its use of rice as a stereotypical representative of such countries (where it is a staple food). A: "Check out the rice grinder with the huge spoiler." B: "A rice grinder? That's a bit politically incorrect, don't you think?" My old Mustang can go toe to toe with the fastest rice grinders out there.
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the organ grinder's monkey

If you call someone the organ grinder's monkey, you mean that they are doing what a powerful person wants them to do, but have no real power themselves. He's the organ grinder's monkey, his only role in life to get money for his boss. Note: People use the terms organ grinder and monkey in many different structures to mean the powerful person and the person who does what they want. Why bother with monkeys when you can deal with the organ grinder? Some will say that I focus too much attention on the monkey, whilst allowing the organ grinder to get off free. Note: This expression is often used to show a lack of respect for both of the people you are talking about, but especially for the `monkey'. Note: In former times, organ grinders were street entertainers who played barrel organs. Sometimes they had a monkey that performed to the music.
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1. and sub and hoagy and torpedo and grinder and poor boy and hero n. a long sandwich containing many different foods. (Sometimes many feet long. It is cut into smaller segments for serving a group. Usually contains sliced meats and cheese, as well as tomatoes and onions. Terms vary depending on where you are in the country.) He ordered a submarine, but he couldn’t finish it.
2. n. a large marijuana cigarette. Look at the size of that sub!
3. n. [menstrual] tampon. My God! I’m out of submarines!


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Other accessories like sausage and kubbe attachments are all part and parcel of the meat grinders.
It's funny that no one seems to want old meat grinders, apple peelers or vegetable slicers until they see my collection.
Using the Viking centerless grinders in our precision grinding process, we have been able to produce tolerances as tight as +0.
WSM Series 1000 Horizontal Wood Grinders are a flexible, efficient solution for processing wood waste and are manufactured with the heavy-duty construction and low maintenance features expected from WSM: tough, reliable and built to last.
While blade grinders can accomplish the basic task of grinding beans at an affordable price, they have a few drawbacks, which may not make them the best choice for your customers.
One of the main reasons we bought the grinders was because we have had trouble finding employees.
We are selling more horizontal grinders and chippers to do this work than we ever have.
Offers 13 models of low-speed grinders for beside-the-press granulation of sprues, runners and discarder parts for injection, blow and extrusion applications.
Whether reducing the volume of material for landfill or recycling debris into a usable end product, horizontal grinders are gaining in popularity among C&D recyclers.
Grinder/shredder feed conveyors are said to catch both ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants in conveyed material before they damage grinders or ruin product.
I figure maybe we can try it here and start a family,'' said Majer, 42, who with his wife took over the Coffee Grinders cafe on Newhall Ranch Road and Avenue Tibbitts eight months ago.
Perhaps little known outside Kyoto, Nagashima specializes in cylindrical and surface grinders.
At NPE 2003, Recycling Technologies will debut its line of industrial waste grinders that grind purges and plastic scrap, and conduct demonstrations of the capabilities of the units to cut through the most difficult plastic waste material, including ridge PVC.