grind down

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grind down

1. To reduce something or cause it to become more even by grinding. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." The landscaper ground the tree stump down. Can you please grind down this uneven spot in the floor?
2. To start moving more slowly, as of a machine. Don't touch the machine until it grinds down to a stop.
3. To cause someone to become weary or disillusioned, as by frequently pestering them. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." You're going to grind your employees down if you question every little thing they do.
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grind someone down

Fig. to wear someone down by constant requests; to wear someone down by constant nagging. If you think you can grind me down by bothering me all the time, you are wrong. The constant nagging ground down the employees at last.
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grind something down

to make something smooth or even by grinding. Grind this down to make it smooth. Please grind down this rough spot.
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grind down

1. To cause wear on something by rubbing against it, reducing its size: The jeweler ground the opals down into beautiful egg-shaped pieces. The miller ground down the wheat for the farmers.
2. To slow down, as if through a grinding action: The machine eventually ground down to a halt.
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Writing to entrepreneurs he coined the phrase, "Don't let the bozos grind you down." Mr.
Don't let them grind you down Coun Willaims and keep up the good work.
DITCH MISERABLE PEOPLE: Negativity can grind you down. If someone continually makes you feel bad about yourself then it's time to get a new friend who will give you a boost.
Real Madrid get away with having big names because the sides they play in La Liga do not try to grind you down like clubs do over here.
They grind you down with their possession and push teams further and further back.
AWORRYING about money can grind you down, so you need a solution which means your both happy.
"It will be tight and tough against the Pumas - they try to grind you down."
I was only made aware of the criticism when one of my mates texted me to say 'don't let the b***s grind you down'.
The priest said, ``These people grind you down and they make you feel worthless and of no value whatsoever.
Well, I think that the most, ah, telling thing he said: Don't ever let the guys grind you down. He'd always say: What you're going to have ups and downs in life but there'll be more ups than downs and when you get down just remember there's another day.
There is no joy in growing old no matter what the poets say The gifts of youth we took for granted fade slowly like a summer's day The whispers fSrom the past, the happy times we thought would stay Slip through our failing memories and simply drift away But life's too short to hold regrets, or yearnings for the past The sand falls through the hourglass and the years roll by so fast So stand your ground and speak your mind and make your presence felt And tackle life with dignity and play the cards you're dealt Keep your spirits high - your stress levels low Don't let an uncaring society grind you down, and most of all, Never despair!
It wears on the body playing the extra minutes required to fill the gaps and can grind you down week after week, not only physically but also mentally.
Good luck to you Harry and don't let the b*ggers grind you down.- K.HADLEY, via e-mail.
The Blues just run all day, grind you down and then bring on the Big Gun.
"We've got to have control in the defensive fields because they'll just sit in and try and grind you down.