grind down

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grind down

1. To reduce something or cause it to become more even by grinding. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." The landscaper ground the tree stump down. Can you please grind down this uneven spot in the floor?
2. To start moving more slowly, as of a machine. Don't touch the machine until it grinds down to a stop.
3. To cause someone to become weary or disillusioned, as by frequently pestering them. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." You're going to grind your employees down if you question every little thing they do.
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grind someone down

Fig. to wear someone down by constant requests; to wear someone down by constant nagging. If you think you can grind me down by bothering me all the time, you are wrong. The constant nagging ground down the employees at last.
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grind something down

to make something smooth or even by grinding. Grind this down to make it smooth. Please grind down this rough spot.
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grind down

1. To cause wear on something by rubbing against it, reducing its size: The jeweler ground the opals down into beautiful egg-shaped pieces. The miller ground down the wheat for the farmers.
2. To slow down, as if through a grinding action: The machine eventually ground down to a halt.
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Feelings of loneliness affect us all at some point, but being lonely is a problem when it becomes chronic - a day-to-day reality which, over time, can grind us down, affecting our health and wellbeing and damaging our ability to connect with others.
"They knew if they could grind us down and wear the bowlers down, get them into their second, third, fourth spells, they'd be able to obviously make up for it and cash in a little bit in that last session, which they showed.
"You could see the way England batted - they knew in the first two sessions they could grind us down then make up a bit in the last session," admitted Siddle afterwards.
They are fooling nobody and only want to grind us down and bleed us dry, and alas they are succeeding.
Stephen's widow, Helen, said: "The really terrible thing about this is that we have got to the stage where the system is starting to grind us down.
But Aussie midfielder Tim Cahill insisted: "We don't really look at finishing above Liverpool - we are on everyone's heels and the main focus for us is to be consistent "A clean strike would have done the job today, but we did not hit things cleanly and they did their best to grind us down."
"The initial sick feeling and shock is wearing away but one thing is for sure they won't grind us down."
There is a huge amount of complexity compounding, which could eventually grind us down to a halt," he observes.
"The cowboys thought we were going to be city girls who would be too feeble to do the job, so they really tried to grind us down.
Too much work and family commitments can grind us down. For more, please call me.
"It would have been much easier for them (the Israeli authorities) if we had found it too difficult and they have given the impression that they were just trying to grind us down in the hope that we couldn't go on.
"But we won't let them grind us down and will keep on fighting."
'I think it's fairly obvious that England will come out and try to wear and grind us down,' he said.
Will the big money grind us down so that no compassionate voices will be left to address the issue of blue-collar jobs disappearing?