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For example, those who grind their teeth tend to be more aggressive, competitive, and above all, anxious.
In some cases, Bruxism sufferers can grind their teeth down to stumps, and in others, grinding can result in the wearing down of enamel, increased sensitivity, as well as the loosening, fracturing and loss of teeth.
Stress victims often clench or grind their teeth, which can loosen and damage them.
Often, children and adolescents grind their teeth at night, and they can have undiagnosed regurgitation or reflux, which brings with it acidity from the stomach.
MANY people across the country grind their teeth in times of stress or anxiety.
Children often grind their teeth to alleviate discomfort from things like allergies, ear infections, or the common cold.
This could have a number of uses in dentistry, for example as a research tool, for monitoring patients who clench or grind their teeth, and for assessing the impact of various dental interventions,' he says.
Dentist Deepa Rao of Genix Healthcare Dental Clinic on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, says: "People grind their teeth mostly at night while sleeping but there are some cases of people clenching during the day.
Bruxism is adisorder which causes people to grind their teeth during their sleep and even while awake
Meth also makes addicts feel jittery or hyper, causing people to grind their teeth.
I finger through your pages, listen to the symbols grind their teeth.
While thousands of motorists sit and grind their teeth in the gridlock caused by the Big Dig, there are also as many pedestrians carefully skirting their way around pot-holes galore.
The growth is unsurprising, considering that more than nine in 10 adults grind their teeth, notes Dental Concepts vice president of marketing Kelly Kaplan, citing statistics from the American Dental Association.
Dau added that many of the drugs used at rave parties cause teens to grind their teeth - which explains the wide use of pacifiers - and raise the heart rate and body temperature - which explains the minimal clothing worn at rave parties.
People who grind their teeth, whether or not they have jaw or tooth problems, were more likely to snore loudly and have sleep apnea, a dangerous condition in which the sleeper stops breathing for periods of time, the survey found.