grind down

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grind down

1. To reduce something or cause it to become more even by grinding. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." The landscaper ground the tree stump down. Can you please grind down this uneven spot in the floor?
2. To start moving more slowly, as of a machine. Don't touch the machine until it grinds down to a stop.
3. To cause someone to become weary or disillusioned, as by frequently pestering them. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "down." You're going to grind your employees down if you question every little thing they do.
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grind someone down

Fig. to wear someone down by constant requests; to wear someone down by constant nagging. If you think you can grind me down by bothering me all the time, you are wrong. The constant nagging ground down the employees at last.
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grind something down

to make something smooth or even by grinding. Grind this down to make it smooth. Please grind down this rough spot.
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grind down

1. To cause wear on something by rubbing against it, reducing its size: The jeweler ground the opals down into beautiful egg-shaped pieces. The miller ground down the wheat for the farmers.
2. To slow down, as if through a grinding action: The machine eventually ground down to a halt.
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Backing Till to win a tight decision after five rounds of nonstop action is a tempting bet at 8-5, but as tough as Masvidal is, the size and power of Till could grind him down and 12-1 that the Gorilla wins in the third round could be the jackpot bet.
And although Michael van Gerwen is the star of the future, an explosive player who will take sets off Taylor, I think the old master will grind him down and win about 7-4.
Gary can sometimes have you pulling your hair out because he doesn't do everything we want him to but I will grind him down and get him to do it.
He says he will not allow the racists to grind him down, and in that he will have the backing of every true football supporter, wherever their club loyalties may lie
"Danny is like a warrior, he never lets things grind him down and he will take that spirit into the Argentina game.
Today, in The Mirror, he reveals the pressure he has been under, the personal toll taken on his private life and his determination not to let his pursuers grind him down.