grin at

grin at (someone or something)

1. To smile broadly at someone or something. I grinned at my dad when he suggested that we go out for ice cream. When I spotted Sophie across the street, I grinned at her and waved.
2. To smile broadly in reaction to something. Jane grinned at the thought of a second date with Greg.
See also: grin

grin at someone or something

1. to smile a beaming smile at someone or something. The entire class grinned at the camera. I grinned at her and she turned away quickly. 2. to smile a beaming smile at the thought of, or mental picture of, someone or something. He grinned at the thought of his coming home to his family. He grinned at her as she gazed upon the diamond ring he had given her.
See also: grin
References in classic literature ?
It seemed as though his features had frozen into a diabolical grin at the world he had left and outwitted.
grin at how the day's suddenly filled with a sureness: no debate
"boy, you gotta do more than just grin at that fine woman,"
(The most trouble he displayed last season was in stifling an appreciative grin at Kowroski's seemingly unstoppable extension that his support had helped make possible in "Emeralds.") Unlike Nicholas Magallanes and Conrad Ludlow, who were also masters in the art of presenting a ballerina, he still has plenty of spring and energy to spare for solo moments.