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grill (someone) (about something)

To question or interrogate someone intensely and relentlessly (about something). I wish my parents would stop grilling me about where I go with my friends at night! You're going to have to grill Janet if you want any answers about her spending habits.
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up in (one's) grill

slang Extremely close to one; right up in one's face. (A "grill" is a type of jewelry that adorns the teeth.) I got right up in his grill and told him I would mess him up if he didn't get me my money. I'm a bouncer for a local club, so I'm used to drunk idiots getting up in my grill.
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n. face; front teeth. Ain’t you getting your grill a little close to my grill?
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Seeking better flavor is a major movement among grillers, and barbecue guru and cookbook author Steven Raichlen, who traditionally puts out a list of his trend predictions for the coming year, wrote on his website that almond wood will stand out in 2017 from typically used hickory and apple woods.
Fresh Griller's focus on sustainability includes using natural building materials and sustainable packaging.
In the areas of secure care, special education, and transition, the few studies that have examined the initial adjustment of incarcerated youth with disabilities upon returning to the community (Bullis, Yovanoff, Mueller, & Havel, 2002; Griller Clark et al., 2011; Mathur & Griller Clark, 2013) found that special education status was significantly associated with re-incarceration.
Chef pro Oven Toaster Griller has incredible and versatile unit fits 6 slices of toast, 2.2 kg of chicken or a 12" Pizza.
These dedicated cooks come to the grill with their sleeves rolled up and the ingredients for success; good old-fashioned friendly competition, community pride, the desire to be honored as the best griller in their community and a chance to win the grand prize--a $500 grill.
Jack Spade, throwback arbiter of class and taste, has taken cues with a chocolate brown BBQ smock, a stain concealing outfit maker for the modern griller with a mind in the past.
PORTABLE GRILLER - Son of Hibachi (pounds 69, from www.iwantone Take your culinary skills on the road with this portable machine.
It shouldn't be used to cover up the burnt mistakes of a forgetful griller.
"The range is personally endorsed by heavy-weight champion George Foreman and we believe Northern Foods, record of developing new and innovative products combined with the massive popularity of the George Foreman Lean Mean Griller Machine will result in a successful product launch."
In addition to step-by-step recipes, Weber's Real Grilling is packed with tips, tricks, and techniques from safety precautions for meat preparation (including a chart that compares USDA temperature recommendations with those of professional chefs for cooking meat rare to well-done) and basic instructions for using charcoal, lighting a gas grill, and the tools every griller should own.
The affected product lines included our new lines of KitchenAid cutlery, our new ceramic S'mores Maker and our new Smokeless Tabletop Griller," Siegel said.
The authors - some of whom work together on essays - include Yves Meny, Helen Wallace, Bruno de Witte, Armin von Bogdandy, Grainne de Burca, Stephen Weatherill, Jacques Ziller, Jaroslav Lotarski, Koen Lenaerts, Marlies Desomer, Stefan Griller, Neil Walker, and Jo Shaw.
The new investment centred on the latest burger forming machine, coupled to an extension to the flame griller, which handles over 100,000 fully-cooked, flame grilled burgers a day.
The beauty of the recordings is as much in the playing of the Griller String Quartet as in the obvious charms, emotions, verve, and diversity of Haydn's compositions themselves.
The above bracketing of the Griller and Amadeus quartets is in one sense quite inappropriate; as with any of the finest quartets, they each had their own unmistakable sound and personality.