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grill (someone) (about something)

To question or interrogate someone intensely and relentlessly (about something). I wish my parents would stop grilling me about where I go with my friends at night! You're going to have to grill Janet if you want any answers about her spending habits.
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up in (one's) grill

slang Extremely close to one; right up in one's face. (A "grill" is a type of jewelry that adorns the teeth.) I got right up in his grill and told him I would mess him up if he didn't get me my money. I'm a bouncer for a local club, so I'm used to drunk idiots getting up in my grill.
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n. face; front teeth. Ain’t you getting your grill a little close to my grill?
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The best grilled cheese has a golden crisp on the outside that delivers a much needed crunch to the sandwich's rich texture and adds to its visual appeal.
So if Grilled Cheese happens to be your sandwich of choice, check out these establishments for great deals on delicious versions of the sandwich.
Once you've had grilled pizza, you'll never want to eat pizza any other way.
Vegetables or meat can be grilled, topped with cheese, and placed inside.
These dishes work fine on their own, but they can be combined into a complete grilled dinner.
With recipes ranging from Grilled Bing And Queen Anne Cherries; Crostini With Grilled Zucchini And Eggplant; and Pizza With Garlic Tomato Sauce, Ricotta, And Fresh Greens; to Soft Tacos With Grilled Tofu And Pickled Jalapenos; Asparagus, Shiitake Mushrooms, And Tofu en Papillote; and Honey-Ginger Marmalade, The Complete Book Of Vegetarian Grilling is a well rounded and diverse collection of great vegetarian recipes suitable for any and all dining occasions.
All infuse grilled meats and vegetables with big, bold flavor.
Sample recipes: Prosciutto Grilled Figs, Spit-Roasted Prime Rib, Smoked Leg of Lamb, Rosemary Salmon, Tostadas, Bacon-Grilled Corn, and Maple-Glazed Bananas.
* Choose oily fish for grilling, such as salmon or shutome, Mahimahi, ahi, marlins and snappers can be grilled, too, if you remember to sear them quickly and cook them briefly.
These appliances have the added advantage of letting you enjoy grilled veggies, meat, poultry and fish no matter what the weather is outdoors.
Eight out of 10 adults grilled last year, and one out of five households grilled during the winter months, according to "Grilling in America," a study by NPD Group Inc.
Researchers continue to warn of the risk of colorectal cancer associated with red meats, especially that wonderful blackened crust on grilled meats.
And, if so, can vegetables also have HCAs after being grilled? A friend of mine will not grill even veggies because she thinks they also can get HCAs.
NCI epidemiologist Rashmi Sinha says that well-done beef, pork, and chicken produce the most HCAs, particularly if they've been grilled or barbecued.
McCormick says to skewer shrimp before grilling to maintain proper control, and shellfish, with the help of a good set of tongs, are best grilled as simply as possible.