grieve for

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grieve for (someone or something)

To experience intense feelings of sadness or mourning due to a particular loss (often the death of a loved one). It's been years since my mother died, and yet I'm still grieving for her. You need time to grieve for what you lost by growing up in such a dysfunctional household.
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grieve for someone or something

to mourn for someone or something. Don't grieve for me. I'm okay. She grieved for her lost chances.
See also: grieve
References in classic literature ?
He heaved a deep sigh and said, "I grieve for myself and for us all; I grieve that I shall have to forgo the marriage, but I do not care nearly so much about this, for there are plenty of other women in Ithaca and elsewhere; what I feel most is the fact of our being so inferior to Ulysses in strength that we cannot string his bow.
The first witness at Grieve's trial, a father and company director, said he went to see Grieve for help with back pain.
After a miscarriage, you grieve for a person you never knew, and for a relationship that ended before it really began.
All these people, all this work, is worth grieving, and we who remain at Church House do grieve for them, profoundly, sincerely, sadly.
We must grieve for the parents left shattered by this tragic accident.