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air (one's) grievances

To express one's dissatisfaction. The employees used the meeting to air their grievances about their salaries and working conditions.
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air one's grievances

Fig. to complain; to make a public complaint. I know how you feel, John, but it isn't necessary to air your grievances over and over.
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air one's grievances

Complain publicly, as in Jane was afraid to complain at work but freely aired her grievances at home. This figurative exposure to the open air is far from new; to air one's opinions or ideas dates from the early 1800s, and the precise idiom appears in James Joyce's Ulysses (1922).
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Observing that the grievance redressal is a major aspect of citizen centric governance, the release said, the Central Action Plan 2015-16 of the income tax department was discussed at the annual general conference of senior officers on May 25-26.
"Rick" Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies said, "Many grievance processes are all too often paper forms that inmates must fill out by hand and correctional officers must manually collect and route throughout the jail.
But to judge from cases that came before the House Grievances Committee last session, you could pretty much say that the panel was there for sore losers --people who lost their court cases, like divorces, and still held grudges over it.
Accordingly, Saudi Board of grievance provides that the requirements which are required in the judiciary system are required in the judge of grievances.
This discussion would be incomplete if it did not stress the importance of the prevention of employees' grievances. If management could have prevented a certain grievance, then it is unethical for it to claim that its conscience is clear because it decided the grievance in the employees' favor.
Q What is replacing the Statutory Grievance Procedures?
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In this the citizen can file the complaint for the redressal of his grievances and can go up to the successive higher levels and can even submit a petition to the concerned minister.
Burnetts of Carlisle has taken the unusual step of issuing an advisory letter to hundreds of clients in the wake of several rulings against employers who had not appreciated that any written complaint from an employee would have to be treated as an official grievance.
"Most of the recent cases from the EAT have been focused on what constitutes a grievance, and how this needs to be communicated."
"Desirous deputations, individuals requested to register with Grievance Cell, Chruch Lane Sonwar, for redressal of grievances," the administration said on Twitter.
Councillors at Central District Council (CDC) will, June 25 convene an all-party caucus with a view to compiling their grievances to be communicated to the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development.
In a statement Swansea University said: "The grievances have been dealt with in accordance with the university's ordinances.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) would play role to resolve tax complaints of business community for providing speedy and expeditious relief in tax grievances.