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air (one's) grievances

To express one's dissatisfaction. The employees used the meeting to air their grievances about their salaries and working conditions.
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air one's grievances

Fig. to complain; to make a public complaint. I know how you feel, John, but it isn't necessary to air your grievances over and over.
See also: air, grievance

air one's grievances

Complain publicly, as in Jane was afraid to complain at work but freely aired her grievances at home. This figurative exposure to the open air is far from new; to air one's opinions or ideas dates from the early 1800s, and the precise idiom appears in James Joyce's Ulysses (1922).
See also: air, grievance
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Naidu earlier used to address public grievances at the secretariat.
The grievance said that during Kaepernick's free agency period, "the purportedly 'free market' - whose natural function should have resulted in a bidding war," did not take up any steps regarding Kaepernick's prospective employment.
To achieve this, the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances has a key role to play," said Dr.
The overseas Pakistanis could approach through email for redressal of their grievances, a press release said.
Senior Adviser (Law) Grievance Commissioner for Overseas
For an improved understanding of work-related grievance, reference is invited to the definition of commercial matters found within the Industrial Relations Act expressed below (emphasis added): "industrial matters" means that matters relating the relations of employers and workers that amplify and connected with the utilization or non-employment or the terms of employment, the transfer of employment or the conditions of labor of a person.
42) of 2015, the Central Grievance Committee for Dubai Government Employees will be formed with Khalfan Ahmed Hareb as Chairman and Nasser Butti Al Shamsi as Vice-Chairman.
Observing that the grievance redressal is a major aspect of citizen centric governance, the release said, the Central Action Plan 2015-16 of the income tax department was discussed at the annual general conference of senior officers on May 25-26.
The power of the grievance application is the flexibility and control each correctional agency has over the fields, responses and escalation levels.
This discretion must be exercised in good faith, objectively and honestly, after a thorough study of the grievance and the case, taking into account the significance of the grievance and of its consequences for the employee on the one hand and the legitimate interests of the union on the other;
How can a grievance system be set up where a response from the IA can be as weak as: "the administering of the compounds fees are unfortunate" and with that have the authority to take additional funds when the lengthy grievance process has not run its course and no official decision has been rendered yet by the CDS?
Ask any experienced grievance officer and they will tell you that information comes out over time and may change as you ask more questions.
They [forum members] were concerned that a member profile would reflect that a member is in good standing regardless of that member being involved in the grievance process at different levels," said Michelle Suskauer, Communications Committee chair.
The Court of First Instance held that it did not have subject-matter jurisdiction to hear the application to cancel the termination decision, referring the matter to the Court of Appeal in order to be heard as a grievance in accordance with Article 81 of the Abu Dhabi Civil Service Law while staying proceedings in respect of the compensation claim pending a decision on the application.
The requirements which should be available in the normal judge are the same requirements which should be available in the grievance judge.