grey matter

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gray matter

Intelligence. In medicine, gray matter is tissue in the brain and spinal cord. Come on in—we could use your gray matter as we try to solve this problem.
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gray matter

Fig. intelligence; brains; power of thought. Use your gray matter and think what will happen if the committee resigns. Surely they'll come up with an acceptable solution if they use some gray matter.
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gray matter

Brains, intellect, as in If you'd only use your gray matter, you'd see the answer in a minute. This expression refers to actual brain tissue that is gray in color. Agatha Christie's fictional detective, Hercule Poirot, constantly alludes to using the little gray cells for solving a crime. [Late 1800s]
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ˈgrey matter

(informal) intelligence or mental powers: Mark hasn’t got much grey matter, but he tries hard.
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Using two different measurements, cognitive performance tests and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the researchers measured the variations in the volume of grey matter.
The neuroimaging studies about the neurobiology of schizophrenia have focused on brain connectivity, brain function, and changes in grey matter volumes (3).
If action video games lead to decreases in grey matter in the hippocampus [of young adults], caution should be exerted when encouraging their use.
If ever a grey matter should been thinning it was mine.
In order to examine the cerebral regions with more or less grey matter volumes in maltreated individuals, a three-dimensional meta-analytical neuroimaging method was used called 'signed differential mapping' (SDM), developed by Radua.
Decreases in grey matter volume indicate that brain cells are shrinking.
Grey Matter Academics is a corporate institution founded by qualified finance professionals with over 50 years of combined teaching, corporate and consulting experience across the globe; who have also exclusively partnered with Lambers of the USA - a worldwide leader in the test preparation market, offering reviews for the CPA, CMA, CIA and CFA - to represent them in the Middle East and other Asian countries to bring a unique opportunity for aspiring finance professionals in Oman.
Grey Matter has said that one of the first customers for its SAMwise service has been Mitsubishi Motors in the UK which needed help in understanding its numerous software agreements and had a requirement to be audited.
Dr Vanessa Sluming,of Liverpool University, said: ``We were interested to find increased grey matter in the part of the brain associated with playing music.
Children with normal calculation ability had more grey matter in this area.
The group, put together by the Rugby Area Planning Team, have been proving that grey hairs do not mean loss of grey matter.
Professor Ian Deary, of Edinburgh University, said: "We have found a link between smoking and having thinner brain grey matter in some regions.
The researchers said that their findings revealed that grey matter volume of the right caudate of the striatum is smaller with higher pornography use, the Guardian reported.
In the brain, learning and memory storage occur in the grey matter.