grow from (something)

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grow from (something)

1. To develop from a particular starting point or thing. Usually said of plants. What do tulips grow from? Bulbs?
2. To change and mature after having had a particular experience. That break-up was really painful, but I did grow from it—now, I only date people who truly care about me.
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grow something from something

to propagate a plant from a seed, bulb, corm, etc. I grew these tomatoes from seeds. Can you grow a mango tree from a seed?
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grow from something

to develop and grow from a seed, bulb, corm, etc. This huge tree grew from a little seed. What kind of plant grows from this bulb?
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The Scotch pine I had grown up around were crooked because of the seeds they grew from. Those seeds came from trees that grew in a specific mountainous area and were short, stunted, and crooked.
Vietnamese coffee production grew from 2 million bags per year in the early 1990s to more than 15 million by the early 2000s, making it the second-largest coffee producer in the world.
Although Reed takes the term Jes Grew from James Weldon Johnson (who wrote that "'the earliest Ragtime songs, like Topsy, 'jes' grew' " (qtd.
The number just of environmental groups, including local cleanup coalitions and the like, is now estimated at 7,000; the number of gay groups listed in the Washington Blade's resource guide grew from 307 in December 1990 to 405 earlier this year.
Crystalline supports flared out beneath it, and a beard that grew from the shelf began dripping crystals onto the growth chamber floor within 20 minutes.