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meet and greet

1. adjective (hyphenated and used before a noun) Typified by a notable figure socializing with members of the public, the press, or guests in attendance. The meet-and-greet gala is being held to promote the presidential nominee's public profile and help drum up support ahead of the November election.
2. noun An event or reception in which a notable figure socializes with members of the public, the press, or guests in attendance. The normally media-shy singer is holding a meet and greet to help raise awareness for her newest charity campaign.
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greet (someone or something) with open arms

1. To greet someone very happily and eagerly; to give someone a very warm, enthusiastic welcome. When my brother left for the military, he and I didn't get along too well, but now that he's coming home, I can't wait to greet him with open arms. It was a little intimidating starting a new job at such a large firm, but everyone there greeted me with open arms.
2. To be very pleased and enthusiastic about something, especially that which is new or unexpected. The president has announced a reversal on his controversial policy, and many people are greeting the news with open arms.
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greet someone or something with something

to welcome someone or something with something; to accost someone or something with something upon arrival. I greeted her with a large bouquet of roses. The sun greeted the day with bright rays of light.
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welcome someone into something

 and welcome someone in
to greet one as one is ushered into something or some place. The Franklins welcomed us into their home. Please welcome in our new members.
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Any youths in the Greets Green area are encouraged to use youth clubs and other facilities instead of congregating in the street.
For those consumers in a time crunch, Greets even offers a default option that selects personalization choices based on the person's name, age and gender.
Greet Street is a communications company whose goal is to help wired businesses and individuals develop and enhance relationships through the use of multimedia e-mail products and services, and personalized greeting cards.
In addition to licensed rights to United Media's DILBERT e-mail products, Greet Street has exclusive electronic distribution rights to the creative work of more than 500 of the greeting card industry's finest artists, representing more than $800 million in paper greeting card sales.
Greet Street has digital outposts on the World Wide Web (www.
Greet Street was founded three years ago on the premise that the era of 'sensory-impaired' text-based E-mail would soon be behind us," said Tony Levitan, Greet Street's Co-founder and Creator of Chaos.
When consumers visit Greet Street, they can choose from more than 300 Pix(TM) digital postcards, personalize them, and send them to any E-mail address in the world for $0.
Greet Street is one of a select group of online companies that has delivered in the important execution phase in developing a successful and competitively sustainable business," said Brendon Kim, General Partner at Altos Ventures and a Greet Street investor.
Greet Street digital postcards starring DILBERT(TM), RUBES(R) and some of the communication industry's finest artists have been available on America Online (keyword: Cardomatic) for the past 3 months, but today is the first time that such distinctive E-mail products are available on the Web.
The "Great Communicators" interactive contest will involve the E-mail delivery of a series of Greet Street's E-greetings Pix(TM) digital postcards with questions about historical great communicators.
The ease and speed with which Greet Street created this demo underscores the simplicity for web developers to take advantage of Dynamic HTML.
Netscape's wide-spread distribution and embrace of Dynamic HTML in their E-mail application gives us a great opportunity to introduce our Dynamic Messaging products to their wired consumers," said Tony Levitan, Greet Street's Co-founder and Creator of Chaos.
One of the factors that distinguishes Greet Street is the outstanding quality and depth of content we offer our customers," said Tony Levitan, Co-founder and Creator of Chaos at Greet Street.
Greet Street's launch of its E-greetings(R) Pix(TM) capitalizes on its leadership position in the nascent field of Dynamic Messaging E-mail.
Greet Street is a communication company whose goal is to help people develop and enhance relationships through the use of personalized greeting cards and multimedia E-mail products and services.