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greet (someone or something) with (something)

To welcome or meet an arriving person with something in particular. The kids greeted me with signs and balloons when I got home from my trip. I'm sorry to greet you with such bad news.
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greet (someone or something) with open arms

1. To greet someone very happily and eagerly; to give someone a very warm, enthusiastic welcome. When my brother left for the military, he and I didn't get along too well, but now that he's coming home, I can't wait to greet him with open arms. It was a little intimidating starting a new job at such a large firm, but everyone there greeted me with open arms.
2. To be very pleased and enthusiastic about something, especially that which is new or unexpected. The president has announced a reversal on his controversial policy, and many people are greeting the news with open arms.
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greet the day

To wake up and start one's day. I'm not proud of it, but I tend to greet the day with a groan and a smack to my alarm clock. Alice has greeted the day by doing yoga for as long as I have known her. Come on, you lazy bones. Time to get out of bed and greet the day!
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meet and greet

1. noun An event or reception in which a notable figure socializes with members of the public, the press, or guests in attendance. The normally media-shy singer is holding a meet and greet to help raise awareness for her newest charity campaign.
2. adjective Typified by a notable figure socializing with members of the public, the press, or guests in attendance. Often hyphenated. The meet-and-greet gala is being held to promote the presidential nominee's public profile and help drum up support ahead of the November election.
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greet someone or something with something

to welcome someone or something with something; to accost someone or something with something upon arrival. I greeted her with a large bouquet of roses. The sun greeted the day with bright rays of light.
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welcome someone into something

 and welcome someone in
to greet one as one is ushered into something or some place. The Franklins welcomed us into their home. Please welcome in our new members.
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Yokwe of Utah said in a federal lawsuit that he requested an accommodation after Walmart said in July 2016 that the greeter position was transitioning to customer host.
"Greeters are a big part of our company and culture, and that's why in the majority of our U.S.
They act as meeters and greeters in the hospital reception, help with administrative tasks, assist in running the refreshments bar and help out at patient meal times.
Other types of greeters like neither voicemail nor text messages but insist on speaking to you directly on the first day of eid, which you generally prefer to spend in peace with your family, avoiding the obligation to free yourself up to answering mobile phone calls.
"I'm neither blind nor stupid, Ma'am," replied the greeter. "I just couldn't believe you got someone to sleep with you twice."
acted as 'greeter') and then the same person carried out the stare/no-stare trials (i.e.
This predator could have gotten a job as a Sell-Mart greeter, or a janitor, or whatever, instead of robbing banks, taking hostages, shooting cops or blowing up buildings.
FOR more than 20 years, visitors to the British colony of Bermuda have been welcomed by the bearded, smiling face of the man they call 'The Greeter'.
The "greeter" strikes up a friendly conversation and, after some talk, invites the newly found one to a group meeting.
SINCE RETIRING FROM the district court in Rockville, Md., where he did the purchasing and ran the mailroom, Mike Main has been a greeter " at his Wets Market and has also continued his many good works in Frederick, including serving as an usher and greeter at the Brookhill United Methodist Church there.
A "greeter" was on hand over the venue's first weekend to help anyone unable or unwilling to work the machines.
"I found myself in the position of `Official Greeter,'" said Pelletier, who officially served as the Deputy Commander of the Canadian operation.
"I don't know if this was a message from God, but I walked into the store, and the people greeter came up and shook my hand and said welcome to WalMart.
We know that we can watch a World Series, a Final Four, or a Super Bowl without jumping up, yelling, booing, or otherwise losing our mind, but we cannot watch a Special Olympics runner cross a finish line and be hugged by a special greeter, without discovering a lump in our throat.