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Meanwhile, the Ilocos Norte provincial government placed second runner-up in the Cleanest, Greenest and Safest, provincial level.
The Daily Beast based a recent round-up of greenest U.
Dolna Banya was declared greenest city in the category of 3000 a 10A 000 residents, with emissions savings of 463 kilograms per capita.
He added: "David Cameron promised this Government would be the greenest ever but George Osborne is leading the dash for gas.
based company also was ranked as the ninth greenest large company across all industry sectors.
25 October 2012 - Citigroup (NYSE: C) saidthat it has been ranked the greenest bank in the United States by Newsweek magazine.
2m development, which is due to open in August, recently took the crown for this year's greenest office development at an international awards ceremony.
BEIRUT: The Ixsir winery overlooking Basbina, Batroun in northern Lebanon has been named as one of the greenest buildings worldwide by CNN.
This must be the greenest village hall in Wales with its solar panels and rainwater harvesting and it gives the village hall long term sustainability over the next 25 years.
Stephen Trotter, chief executive of the trust, said: "A year ago David Cameron claimed that his government would be the greenest ever - he now needs to show how this commitment in words is matched by the government's deeds.
If the past is proof, even the greenest signal can face transmission problems.
A: Kaity entered I LOVE NEW YORK's first Greenest NYer contest in 2010 and won
Deputy council leader Councillor Colin Mann said: "We have a clear vision about how we want Caerphilly council to be one of the cleanest and greenest local authorities in Britain.
Setting out the plan, Mr Huhne said: "Since there is no money left, my department is pioneering new ways of turning this Government into the greenest ever.
But unless you're the greenest of barbecue aficionados and take your disposable barbie home with you to recycle, it ends up in landfill along with everyone else's - not to mention all those beer cans and wine bottles that could also be recycled.