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sought after

In demand; very popular with or desired by a lot of people. To the surprise of some, the product has been greatly sought after since it was first released. Retailers have struggled to maintain stock of the sought after toy. Now that the property market has begun to boom, construction workers are much sought after once again.
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think greatly of (someone or something)

To have a very good opinion about someone; to hold someone or something in very high regard or esteem. I can tell your last boss thinks very greatly of you, judging from the reference letter she wrote for you. Somehow I doubt the mayor will think too greatly of an article exposing all of his financial details.
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sought after

Also, much sought after. Very popular, in demand, as in He was much sought after as a throat specialist, particularly by singers. This expression uses the past participle of seek in the sense of "desired" or "searched for." [Late 1800s]
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Patent restrictions can block or greatly slow research and development of better treatments--threatening the lives and health of everyone, even the richest, as no amount of money can quickly buy treatments and data that have never been created.
Agilent's time-to-money operating system greatly reduces test program and fixture development time compared with traditional ICT systems," said Jack Trautman, president of Agilent's Automated Test Group.
Many of the large balers built today are virtually self-operating, greatly reducing labor costs.
Commonization greatly reduces unnecessary proliferation and replication of work.
The Cardinal's spokesman said that he was greatly honoured by the invitation, regarding it as "a further sign of the Queen's own determination to promote ecumenical relations within the nation.
org/formats) will greatly facilitate the use of all biometric technologies by those who develop, operate, and administer biometric solutions.
This trend has been driven primarily by a greatly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) when compared to direct-attached or SAN-attached storage.
Both books greatly enlarge our knowledge of Bernardino, the late-medieval and early Renaissance urban sermon, and their audiences.
The smooth core surface greatly reduces erosion, and the tiny average (5 micron) pore size greatly limits metal penetration.
He correctly explains that while consisting of some similar military elites, Masonry and the Society of the Cincinnati greatly differed, for the Craft, which didn't have a political agenda and wasn't sharply renounced, emerged during the late 1780s as an encompassing and a respected movement.
263A costs (additional tax over book depreciation), the actual absorption ratio for the year at issue greatly exceeded the HAR used.
Elmendorf tear strength was greatly increased in the TD, though it was reduced in the MD.
Western explorers and anthropologists who trekked to the harsh lands of northern Alaska and Canada early in this century made a disturbing observation: Boys greatly outnumbered girls in the various Eskimo communities known as Inuit, apparently reflecting the widespread practice of killing girls at birth or shortly thereafter.