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MyPainAway Fibro Cream contains no parabens, petroleum or other harsh chemicals and is free of counter-irritants such as camphor, capsaicin and menthol, Topical BioMedics said, adding that the odorless, greaseless formula absorbs quickly, has no known side effects and won't interfere with other medications.
During their stint in Hamburg in the early 1960s, they adopted the nowfamiliar greaseless, brushedforward moptops (a style favored by the Eurobeatniks they encountered on the continent, which in turn was based on the classic Caesar cut).
Merz's other Mederma scar care products include Mederma Advanced Scar Gel, the first and only once daily scar gel clinically shown to reduce the overall appearance of scars; Mederma Scar Cream Plus SPF 30, which helps prevent sunburn while helping to improve the appearance of scars; and Mederma For Kids, a nontoxic and nonstaining gel that delivers safe, effective scar therapy in a greaseless, easy-to-use formulation just for children.
for a wall-mounted can opener with a cutting Wheel, an ornamental flower howl stand and a greaseless donut cooker.
The unscented, deep penetrating formula is greaseless, long-lasting and won't wash off.
Harder than the steel under it, EXO creates a greaseless permanent lubricity so slick it never needs oil or grease, and will not rub off, thin out, spall, gall or pick up crud--ever
This time, the pair was yoked in the service of a lovely rare roasted duck breast, its crisp and greaseless skin subtly scented with anise and served atop little cakes of polenta rich with goat cheese ($26).
A new greaseless isolation valve provides a bubble-tight seal.
Since its beginnings in 1955 importing Lea Compound, a revolutionary greaseless satin finishing product, the company has grown both organically and through acquisitions and mergers.
It is designed to help relieve pain and relax muscles by providing odorless and greaseless heat to the affected area.
Last fall, Soft Sheen introduced Carefree Curl Gold, a greaseless "all-in-one" curl maintenance lotion that activates and moisturizes hair.
Sweetcorn fritters were greaseless but addictively crisp, the innards having been enlivened with spring onions and coriander.
The batter coating of the crispy tenga (pork ears) is truly crisp and greaseless and does not give the diner a rubbery challenge.
I had a taste of good chili oil and greaseless roasted peanuts.
s Imagen Salon Formula consists of six salon-quality hair care products: a moisturizing shampoo containing avocado oil and botanicals to naturally revive dry, damaged hair; a strengthening conditioner formulated to penetrate the hair shaft, instantly detangling and smoothing even problem hair; a leave-in conditioner featuring a protein-enriched complex that restores moisture and softness; a temporary straightener consisting of a straightening and shining formula to temporarily remove curl and frizz without harsh chemicals; a shine featuring a weightless mist that adds brilliant shine; and an antifrizz serum, described as a greaseless finishing balm to tame 'frizzies' and seal split ends.