grease (one's) palm

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grease (one's) palm

To bribe one discreetly, as by slipping money into their palm. A: "How are we going to get a table without a reservation?" B: "Don't worry, I greased the hostess' palm, and she promised us a table in no time." I greased my brother's palm to stop him from telling Mom that I had a party while she was away.
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grease someone's palm

 and oil someone's palm
Fig. to bribe someone. If you want to get something done around here, you have to grease someone's palm. I'd never oil a police officer's palm. That's illegal.
See also: grease, palm

grease somebody’s ˈpalm

(old-fashioned, informal) give somebody money in order to persuade them to do something dishonest: Luckily, Mick was able to grease a few palms, thus helping his brother to escape.
This phrase refers to the fact that you put grease (= a thick substance like oil) on a machine to make it run smoothly.
See also: grease, palm
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But the issue is alive as it is, no assurances, guarantees or comitments could be considered as genuine necause no one is c oing to the point of loot and plunder in which everyone greased their palms, whether it is minister of water and power, high ups in Islamabad, PEPCO and Nandipur plant's officials or even the contractors Dongfang that had undertaken the commissioning of the proejct and submitted a sovereign guarantee for intiome completion and its smooth running.
That's why we will get the officials that we have greased their palms, so they'll do it.
Clerks would not bring out files, or get you your birth certificate or land title, unless you greased their palms.
The terms were that it would cost PS100,000 for each fixed match with the fake firm appointing the officials that we have greased their palms, so they'll do it.