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graze against someone or something

to brush or scrape against someone or something. The car grazed against the side of the truck. I grazed against an old man as I was jogging this morning.
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graze on something

1. [for animals] to browse or forage in a particular location. The cattle are grazing on the neighbor's land. I wish they wouldn't graze on other people's land.
2. [for animals] to browse or forage, eating something in particular. The deer are grazing on my carrots! The cows were grazing on the meadow grasses for weeks.
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and browse
in. to eat a bit of everything at parties. We will just graze on party snacks rather than eat a full meal. I think I’ll just browse here and skip going out to dinner.
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To fulfill that need as we rotate our animals through their paddocks, were focused on letting the animals graze only the top third of the plant--the highest-energy portion.
Don't panic--just give your herd a bigger area to graze the next day.
Put cattle into the pasture when the grass is four-to-six inches tall and let them graze until they eat it down to about three inches.
The narrow graze zone crosses California's Santa Rosa Island, just misses the Palos Verdes Point, hits the coast at Crystal Cove just south of Newport Beach, crosses Interstate 5 between Mission Viejo and San Juan Capistrano, passes just south of Temecula, and goes over Aguanga about 5 miles north of Palomar Mountain.
Unpreventable trampling during the daily two-hour graze is a problem during wet weather, but the RG planting rate of 50 PPA moderates the damage satisfactorily.
I do wait until the sun has thawed the frozen RG before I graze after a frost or freeze.
s udderly unique Moo Mail, the world's first Internet-connected cow, now grazes in Manhattan's famous South Street Seaport through Labor Day 2000.