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graze against someone or something

to brush or scrape against someone or something. The car grazed against the side of the truck. I grazed against an old man as I was jogging this morning.
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graze on something

1. [for animals] to browse or forage in a particular location. The cattle are grazing on the neighbor's land. I wish they wouldn't graze on other people's land.
2. [for animals] to browse or forage, eating something in particular. The deer are grazing on my carrots! The cows were grazing on the meadow grasses for weeks.
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and browse
in. to eat a bit of everything at parties. We will just graze on party snacks rather than eat a full meal. I think I’ll just browse here and skip going out to dinner.
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Washington was more than happy to revisit Lucas' duality -- and collect another paycheck -- once he learned Grazer and Universal had signed Ridley Scott to direct.
To further assess possible grazer effects, we plotted percent net growth separately versus the abundance of amphipods and shrimp.
G] represent the digger and grazer populations' biomass densities (biomass per area) resulting from a product of the respective number densities [N.
Water is so necessary to life," Grazer says, "that a number of dioceses relate to this topic.
G0] is the grazer emigration rate from an empty system (i.
Grazer recalls the conversation: "'Would you be interested in doing a limited series on Mars?
Still, Grazer would have served readers better--and, well, satisfied our curiosity--by offering concrete examples of how to apply and use curiosity in specific situations to achieve specific goals.
For example, at the end of the nineteenth century there was an internationally known Grazer Schule in Gestalt studies.
Aconex has partnered with Grazer since 2011 to provide clients in Australia and New Zealand with a faster and easier way to electronically manage the handover of O&M manuals.
The idea about FX's new medieval show came from Grazer when he pitched the idea to 20th chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman.
Grazer philosophische studien; international journal for analytic philosophy.
Gigi Levangie Grazer, the wife of Oscar-winning uber-producer Brian Grazer, knows a little bit about the pretensions and snippy mores of the privileged Brentwood crowd and has shared them with the world in her three novels about Hollywood.
The so-called Grazer-gate at the Los Angeles Times, in which editorial page editor Andres Martinez resigned in the wake of a dispute over his choice of Hollywood producer Brian Grazer as a guest editor, has inspired news outlets nationwide to weigh in with assessments of the paper's future and criticism of both Martinez and Publisher David Hiller.
Ironically, the duo played for Grazer AK in both UEFA Cupties against Boro in February.
RANGERS took a significant step towards the knock-out stages of the UEFA Cup as they maintained their 100 per cent record with a 3-0 win over Grazer AK at Ibrox.