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graze against someone or something

to brush or scrape against someone or something. The car grazed against the side of the truck. I grazed against an old man as I was jogging this morning.
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graze on something

1. [for animals] to browse or forage in a particular location. The cattle are grazing on the neighbor's land. I wish they wouldn't graze on other people's land.
2. [for animals] to browse or forage, eating something in particular. The deer are grazing on my carrots! The cows were grazing on the meadow grasses for weeks.
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and browse
in. to eat a bit of everything at parties. We will just graze on party snacks rather than eat a full meal. I think I’ll just browse here and skip going out to dinner.
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During its first winter it was grazed by sheep and it was our intention to graze it with the cows the following summer.
Land that was grazed produced more grass than ungrazed land, and grazing led to the most carbon and nitrogen being sequestered in soil.
At any given time only part of the catchment will be in a freshly grazed state, and the grazing would not be as intense as in the experiments, so the concentration averaged over a farm would be expected to be considerably <600 g/[m.
Last August, when it was hot and dry, my neighbor grazed 5 6 cows with 57 calves on our place for 44 hours.
Anthony Andrews would be "very upset indeed if our beautiful `natural' landscape extensively grazed by sheep and cattle were in any way changed or destroyed".
Intermediate diploids Perennial Rye grasses, such as Aber Dart, are recommended because there will give more base to the sward when grazed and reduce the moisture content of the crop when cut for silage.
Currently, there is much debate among scientists and others about how grazing affects diversity of plant species growing in grazed areas.
75 percent rest (you only grazed it two days before moving to another permanent paddock).
Yearling heifers have grazed the range here for 5 to 6 months each year since 1939, continuing the work of previous cattle--and the buffalo before them.
The light-grazed rangeland was stocked at 9 animal-days per acre, and both grazed areas had been grazed at the same stocking rates for 11 years.
Both grazed and ungrazed areas in the later measurements supported dozens of shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers.
But recent field tests at El Reno, Oklahoma, have shown that a strain of agrotricum can provide up to 6 weeks' more cool-season grazing for cattle than the winter wheat widely grazed on the Southern Plains.
If you put out just cattle that tend to prefer grass, the grass gets grazed year after year, and that hurts its ability to compete with the other plant species, reproduce, and maintain itself in the plant community.
It has also spoken of the diffi-culties in finding homes for animals due to the high numbers being illegally grazed or abandoned, which is leading to some having to be euthanised.