gray area

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grey area

A concept or topic that is not clearly defined or that exists somewhere between two extreme positions. Primarily heard in Australia. There's a large grey area regarding whether the use of the new surveillance technology is lawful.
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(a) gray area

Fig. an area of a subject or question that is difficult to put into a particular category because it is not clearly defined and may have connections or associations with more than one category. The responsibility for social studies in the college is a gray area. Several departments are involved. Publicity is a gray area in that firm. It is shared between the marketing and design divisions.
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gray area

Indeterminate territory, undefined position, neither here nor there. For example, There's a large gray area between what is legal and what is not. This term, which uses gray in the sense of "neither black nor white" (or halfway between the two), dates only from the mid-1900s.
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With different fact situations, other courts have found the length of the marriage persuasive when awarding permanent alimony in gray area marriages.
building cleaning giz location eschborn, House 1 (dag-hammarskjld-weg 1), House 4 (dag-hammarskjld-weg 4) with medical department, Cleaning giz house 5 (dag-hammarskjld-way 5), Cleaning of gray areas, Underground garages and winter service provision of a daily force, Provision of transport and housework as well as continuous basic cleaning of office space.
Sitting down with PCSO is an opportunity for both parties to clarify issues for the smooth implementation of STL (Small Town Lottery)' and 'clear gray areas between the legal STL and the illegal numbers game,' Balutan said.
an expert in construction-risk management, will help answer that question as moderator of the "Addressing the Gray Areas of Going Green" panel at PCBC The Premier Building Show May 30-June 1 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.
He then travels to gray areas not commonly braved in similar publications: music and dyslexia, the effect of braces on wood wind players, even the best lips for playing trumpet