gravy train, the

the gravy train

A state, position, or job in which one makes an excessive amount of money without expending much or any effort. I'll be on the gravy train once I get paid from the settlement of the lawsuit! My brother ended up on the gravy train when he married his wife, whose family owns one of the largest oil companies in the world.
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the ˈgravy train

(informal, especially American English) (of a particular job or situation) an easy way of getting a lot of money and other benefits: Financial services produce very high earnings, and a lot of people are trying to get onto the gravy train.
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gravy train

n. a job that brings in a steady supply of easy money or gravy. This kind of job is a real gravy train.
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gravy train, the

Easy money; the good life, obtained with little effort. This American slang term became current during the financial boom of the 1920s. It originated in railroad slang, where “gravy train” meant a run on which there was good pay and little work. (Gravy itself became slang for easy money, or an illicit profit obtained through graft, in the early 1900s.) “There was a moment . . . when the whole Jocelyn sideshow seemed to be boarding the gravy train . . . on to fatter triumphs” (Mary McCarthy, The Groves of Academe, 1953).
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Inevitably christened The Gravy Train, the 186 mph vehicle is not for the public.
However, before politicians and their favored constituents can get in on that gravy train, the U.S.
And one expert reckons Rangers must secure a seat on football's top gravy train, the Champions League, to recoup some share value.