gravitate to

gravitate to(ward) (someone or something)

To tend to move toward or show interest in some person, place, or thing, as if being pulled by a magnetic force. Teenagers always seem to gravitate to rebellious behavior—it's not something that's unique to your son. I just gravitate toward those kinds of artsy movies, I can't help it. The kids always seem to gravitate to Aunt Joan whenever the whole family gets together.
See also: gravitate

gravitate to(ward) someone or something

Fig. to move slowly toward someone or something, as if being pulled by gravity. People tend to gravitate toward the kitchen at parties. Unless you correct their manners, the children will gravitate toward rude behavior.
See also: gravitate
References in classic literature ?
At this moment he noticed that he was close to their house; he had felt that he must gravitate to this spot eventually, and, with a beating heart, he mounted the verandah steps.
Friends also follow the laws of divine necessity; they gravitate to each other, and cannot otherwise:--
It is really unfortunate and disappointing how I see some of our brothers and sisters referring to what happened in Zaria as a massacre of Shiites, as if these people (The Nigerian government and Army) attacked us because we gravitate to the Shia school of thought.
Finally, she noted that people gravitate to numbers, so use numerals rather than spelled-out numbers.
Fruit enthusiasts will gravitate to their sweet Berry Berry variety or the tangy citrus of their Chocolate Tangerine flavor, while the Nutty Delight is sure to attract almond and cashew aficionados.
She writes, "Backroads doesn't gravitate to the ultra-luxurious hotels that are de rigeur for a Butterfield & Robinson trip.
I began my career as a nurse in the hospital environment, where I seemed to gravitate to the gravitate to the geriatric patients.
If calm infants encountered a researcher who avoided making eye contact, they didn't gravitate to that person's face later on, even if the initial trial had included a sweet inducement.
While I think that physicians will increasingly gravitate to the top spot, it will take awhile.
People who gravitate to this product are those who have to make a PC last more than two years," says Craig Conrad, Nexar's vice president of marketing.
Now guys gravitate to me, and I think, If only they know how grateful, I am for the validation.
All of these factors, presumably, allowed the laity to gravitate to new ideas and ultimately a new church when the old one was found wanting.
An orthogonal atrium containing reception and circulation moors the three fragments together; from this glazed pivot you can gravitate to any part of the building.