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gravitate to(ward) (someone or something)

To tend to move toward or show interest in some person, place, or thing, as if being pulled by a magnetic force. Teenagers always seem to gravitate to rebellious behavior—it's not something that's unique to your son. I just gravitate toward those kinds of artsy movies, I can't help it. The kids always seem to gravitate to Aunt Joan whenever the whole family gets together.
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gravitate to(ward) someone or something

Fig. to move slowly toward someone or something, as if being pulled by gravity. People tend to gravitate toward the kitchen at parties. Unless you correct their manners, the children will gravitate toward rude behavior.
See also: gravitate
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When my three brothers were killed last year, they were demonstrating in solidarity with the Palestinian people (most of whom gravitate towards the Sunni school of thought).
The agreement calls for co-marketing support that will enhance the services offered by both companies and Gravitate is granting MTI a license to allow the company to resell or provide access to the Gravitate Platform to its worldwide customers, including original equipment manufacturers, infrastructure providers, carriers, network operators, and content providers.
Under the terms of the partnership, Simplylook will completely integrate its streaming, interactive image software technology into the Gravitate Platform, the first comprehensive software solution supporting rapid development and delivery of Location Precise services to mobile devices.
In their eye-tracking research, they found both men and women gravitate, immediately following the headline or smiling faces, to the "private anatomy" not only of--as Coyne illustrated in her PowerPoint presentation--sports figures, models, and ordinary people, but also of animals.
Just as one prefers to visit a high-end hotel for a special vacation rather than the pedestrian national chains, it follows that consumers often gravitate toward a strong local real estate brand, where one can talk to the owner/broker if necessary.
Some things you'll gravitate to and some things not, but keep an open mind.
She writes, "Backroads doesn't gravitate to the ultra-luxurious hotels that are de rigeur for a Butterfield & Robinson trip.
In the recently-issued report by the Learning First Alliance titled, Every Child Learning: Safe and Supportive Schools, Wurtzel stresses the importance of school activities for all students, not just the athletes who often receive praise, or for the students who gravitate to student government.
People who gravitate to this product are those who have to make a PC last more than two years," says Craig Conrad, Nexar's vice president of marketing.
Now guys gravitate to me, and I think, If only they know how grateful, I am for the validation.
We didn't gravitate to the prospect of having horse poop on the sidewalk," Diamond said.
Eventually, they gravitate to a downed tangle of tree limbs (sculpted by Judd Weisberg); later, he hoists the tangle in a slippery epiphany of fitful stasis.