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gravitate to(ward) (someone or something)

To tend to move toward or show interest in some person, place, or thing, as if being pulled by a magnetic force. Teenagers always seem to gravitate to rebellious behavior—it's not something that's unique to your son. I just gravitate toward those kinds of artsy movies, I can't help it. The kids always seem to gravitate to Aunt Joan whenever the whole family gets together.
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gravitate to(ward) someone or something

Fig. to move slowly toward someone or something, as if being pulled by gravity. People tend to gravitate toward the kitchen at parties. Unless you correct their manners, the children will gravitate toward rude behavior.
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When my three brothers were killed last year, they were demonstrating in solidarity with the Palestinian people (most of whom gravitate towards the Sunni school of thought).
Teenage fans of Gossip Girl and other books of that ilk may gravitate toward it and may enjoy it, if they're in the mood for a book full of style but lacking any real substance.
So that's where I naturally gravitate. I also went through a really big Elvis Costello phase in high school.
"It's an axiom of these games that the less there is to do, the more people gravitate toward cybersex." And maybe the occasional mob war.
In this sense I consider plausible Benedetti's proposal to let "the nucleus of the ut pictura poesis as it is conveyed by the Tabula ..." gravitate "in that iconism of Neoplatonic and Hermetic tradition that will have one of its more completed expressions in the fifth dialogue of the first part of the Eroici furori by Giordano Bruno" (277), but that had already found a fertile ground in Ficino's work.
In classroom and laboratory situations, the learner will demonstrate these as preferences for, or tendencies to gravitate toward, particular kinds of instruction or assessment.
"I began my career as a nurse in the hospital environment, where I seemed to gravitate to the gravitate to the geriatric patients.
Readers likely will gravitate to specific sections rather than read this book cover to cover.
"Where heterogeneity is a fact of life, customers will gravitate to independent software vendors.
Gravitate Inc., South San Francisco, fast-growing provider of technologies and applications for Location Precise(TM) wireless Internet services, has announced that MTI has signed a Letter Of Intent to acquire a license for the Gravitate Platform upon the successful in-market trial of location- enabling the top 10 MTI content applications.
Gravitate, based in South San Francisco and Simplylook of San Jose, Calif., will offer a Location Precise(TM) streaming, interactive image service for users of Internet-enabled wireless communication devices.
I should be free to gravitate toward whatever music makes me happy.
Kids gravitate to the Children's Discovery Garden, with its water-spouting Noah's Ark and model railroad.
The more encompassing the social milieu to which students gravitate, the higher their staying power in relation to learning.
"I've been a huge fan of his since the first time I saw his work, and we seemed to gravitate toward working together even without a formal arrangement," Pollack says.